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82188Edit/Approval - Lighter Company Solo Candle Lighter - Bob Dorenfeld

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Jun 20, 2013
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      Bob –

      Well done. A few minor edits below, same format as before. When you've revised it, you may upload to http://tinyurl.com/lad6ygt Don't forget to delete your Tests/OR folder copy.

      As this is your second Owner Review, you are now officially a Newbie and eligible to apply to test gear. Congratulations! To do this, you need to (i) complete a tester agreement (you can download one from the BackpackGearTest.org website), and send it to Kathy Waters (address on the website), and (ii) join BGT's sister Yahoo group, backpackgeartestERS, and watch for Test Calls. I know that there are a few pending now, so get your tester agreement off! A hint – keep posting Owner Reviews. That will earn you credit with the Test Managers.

      Cheers, Richard


      ###EMAIL: geartestatsageandsprucedotnet###
      EDIT: Do something to distinguish between the text and the symbols – perhaps geartest (at) sageandspruce (dot) net or geartest AT sageandspruce DOT net

      ###Dimensions, retracted: 3.75 in long x 1.25 in wide x .5 in deep (9.5 cm x 3.18 cm x 1.27 cm)
      Dimensions, extended: 5.5 in long x 1.25 in wide x .5 in deep (14 cm x 3.18 cm x 1.27 cm) ###
      EDIT: In two places, 0.5 in. Too easy to miss the initial period.

      ###I paid about US$12.00 for the lighter at a popular outdoor products store, but a quick search on the web shows other prices both higher and lower. ###
      EDIT: Delete this sentence. For legal reasons BGT prohibits including price actually paid.