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82126EDIT: OR REI Pinnacle 35 daypack - Bob Dorenfeld

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  • Ray
    May 11, 2013
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      Hi Bob,

      >I uploaded new HTML, calling it "REPOST OR - REI Pinnacle 35
      >daypack - Bob Dorenfeld", instead of replacing the original. Is that

      Whenever you upload a new version of a review or report you should delete the earlier version.

      Good job on the re-write. I have a few more edits, including some I already gave the first time. Once corrected please put a new version in the test folder (deleting the last ones) and repost here again.


      ***I'm an active hiker, snowshoer,

      EDIT: the bios need to be 100 words or less. Please trim a bit.

      ***Manufacturer: REI, Inc.

      EDIT: please spell out their full name at least the first time, putting (REI)
      after it. Then you can use REI for the rest of the review. Plus no extra "Inc."

      ***Manufacturer's Website: REI, Inc.

      EDIT: please spell out the actual URL (www.rei.com/)

      ***Option: Available in M or L torso size

      EDIT: please state the size you are reviewing.

      ***REI Pinnacle 35 Daypack

      EDIT: please remove this link. We don't link to anything but the manufacturer's top-level URL.

      ***I've been using this pack constantly for one year (it replaced a 12 year old daypack that has seen better times)

      EDIT: 12-year-old, plus you are switching between daypack and day pack in the review. Please choose one style and stick with it throughout.

      *** I needed a sturdy, roomy pack that could also take on a pair of snowshoes or Nordic skis for those combination hikes I sometimes do.

      EDIT: for "the" combination hikesÂ… (Using "those" says that you have mentioned them earlier in the review, something that is not there.)

      *** The quick-release buckles attaching to the roll-top closure were sewn in opposite directions to each other,

      EDIT: The quick-release buckles "attached" to the roll-top closure
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