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82111Edit/Approval: OR - Jacks "R" Better Bear Mountain Hammock - Derek Hansen

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  • Ray
    Apr 26, 2013
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      Hi Derek,

      Nice review. As a true side-sleeper I have been thinking about this one, thanks for writing it up. I have a few of edits, most of which a spell-checker should have caught. Once corrected you may place it at:

      Reviews > Shelters > Hammocks > Jacks R Better Bear Mtn Bridge Hammock

      See you down the trail,


      *** It differs from traditional gathered-end hammocks by adding a spreader bar to each end, yet allowing the middle the drop,

      EDIT: "to" drop

      ***The Deluxe version features a pad sleeve that is accesible on the outside of the hammock.

      EDIT: accessible

      ***The pocket has an opening on one end that features a a small hook-and-loop tab

      EDIT: delete one "a"

      *** The pad sleeve is wide enough to accommodate most camping pads up to 26 in (6 cm) wide.

      EDIT: metric conversion wrong

      *** The webbing threads back trough a JRB metal tri-glide to secure and adjust the suspension.

      EDIT: back "through"

      *** I found that I shifted a little in the bed, sleeping a little off center with on shoulder laying more on the side walls than in the bed.

      EDIT: sleeping a little "off-center" with "one" shoulder
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