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82040EDIT: OR BeariKade MKII Bear Resistant Can

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  • Ray
    Mar 30, 2013
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      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the OR. I have two of their bear cans too, they are great. I enjoyed the weght per, and price per lines you did. Clever and fun.

      I have some edits for you. You know the routine now. Please make the corrections and REPOST here, along with a new HTML version.


      ***Manufacturer: Wild Ideas

      EDIT: for this line we want the full legal name which is Wild Ideas, LLC

      ***Product: MKII

      EDIT: the name of your can is the Expedition. MKll refers to the second generation, which all that have been sold to the public are. You need to change this in the title too. (Plus add the name throughout the review instead of MKll.)

      *** MSRP: $275

      EDIT: please add "US" to differentiate from other types of dollar currencies

      ***Several aircraft wonks in Southern California developed this can

      Edit: my dad is an ME at Lockheed so I get the reference. But many readers, especially our foreign ones, may not. Add to that the fact that the guys at WI don't refer to themselves as wonks and I really think this should be changed.

      ***The clips lock the lid solidly and usually turn easily with a nickel or quarter.

      EDIT: since we have readers from all over the globe it would be best to say "a coin" instead of a particular denomination.

      ***I've carried this can on 166 days of outings over four seasons.

      Comment: nice

      ***The benefits of this can come to bear on outings requiring 7-10 person/days

      EDIT: comes

      *** I've toted it all about Emigrant, Dinky Lakes and Kaiser where it is not required; and half-a-dozen times in Yosemite and twice in Sequoia-Kings Canyon where cans are required.

      Edit: you might mention that all of these places are in the Sierra Nevada of California.

      *** I've used it in temperatures of 20-90 degrees F (-7-32 C).

      Edit: temps works best with a "to" instead of a dash to keep the numbers correct. 20 to 90 degrees F (-7 to 32 C) reads a lot better.

      *** The worst part of this can is going out for a shortie,

      EDIT: please explain or use a better term. That means a small beer to my Aussie friendsÂ…
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