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81940Re: Edit/Approval - BCA Traverse shovel - Andrea Murland

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  • ringrat55
    Jan 28, 2013
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      Thanks Richard.
      Hope you enjoyed your run through ORWM.
      See ya on the next one.

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "richardglyon@..." wrote:
      > Hi Andrea,
      > A few minor edits, in the standard format. After revising you're cleared to upload to the existing folder. Don't forget to delete your Tests/OR folder copy.
      > Cheers, Richard
      > ###Manufacturer: Backcountry Access###
      > Edit: Consider mentioning that this company is better known by its initials – BCA.
      > ###Model: Traverse EXT Shovel###
      > EDIT: Please indicate that this is now called the B-1 EXT Shovel, unless it's still listed as a Traverse EXT on BCA's Canadian website.
      > ###The blade is made from 6061 Aluminum and is blue. The blade has four holes
      > (one at each corner) that can be used for things such as rescue sleds and
      > anchors. At the top of the blade an oval tube protrudes, which the handle fits
      > into. This tube has a set of small holes which the "buttons" on the handle fit
      > into…more on that later.
      > > The handle is oval in cross-section, and is made from two aluminum pieces
      > which telescope. The top of the handle has a plastic t-grip. ###
      > EDIT: Either make the last sentence part of the earlier paragraph or add a blank line before starting the new paragraph.
      > ###Near the bottom of each piece of the handle is a set of silver "buttons".
      > These buttons are mounted on a U-shaped spring inside the shovel. ###
      > Edit: "inside the handle" would be more accurate
      > ### (eg. compression tests), dig through avalanche debris, dig through simulated
      > avalanche debris (eg. snow ploughed from roads), ##
      > EDIT: "e.g." or "e g" [Abbreviation for two words, exempli gratia. As they are Latin words, strictly speaking the initials out to be in italics but you needn't go that far.]
      > ### so I can reach the shovel quickly but don't risk catching it on something or losing it in an avalanche.###
      > Edit: I'd say "losing it in a fall," for two reasons. First, if caught in an avalanche you'll have many problems more substantial than losing your shovel. Second, unless adequately secured it's easy to lose a shovel or shovel blade in a fall and not know it until hours later. I've done it more than once.
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