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81924Re: OR - Point6 Socks

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  • Ray
    Jan 18, 2013
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      Hi Dawn

      Thanks for the OR's. I took the other one too but there is some question as to whether or not it can go forward as it is no longer made. So we will skip to this one.

      I have a few edits and would like to see it again as there is some info missing. Please repost once corrected. (Your name should be in the subject line too.)


      ***Point 6 Hiking Tech Med Mini Crew Socks

      ***Manufacturer: Point 6

      EDIT: their spelling has the 6 jammed up tight like so; Point6. Please change all instances

      ***The packaging focuses on temperature maintaining that the socks' merino wool will keep my feet at the optimum temperture whether the outdoors is warm or cold.

      EDIT: second "temperature". Plus this sentence really reads awkwardly to me. Maybe,
      The packaging focuses on the socks, and the merino wool they are made from, ability to maintain optimum temperature of my feet no matter what the outside conditions.

      ***These socks are a cushioned mini-crew length that work best with low rise hiking shoes.

      EDIT: "The" socks are a cushioned mini-crew length that "works" best with low rise hiking shoes.

      *** I have worn these socks hiking, backpacking, and for everyday use.

      EDIT: can you please give some field data as far as backpacking use? Terrain types, temps, conditions, etc.
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