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81752REVISED OWNER REVIEW - Black Rock 'Sportsman' Down Beanie

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  • Pete
    Nov 18 4:41 AM
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      Black Rock 'Sportsman' Down Beanie
      November 16, 2012


      NAME: Peter Raiff
      EMAIL: raiffnuke@...
      AGE: 35
      LOCATION: North Adams, Massachusetts, US
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
      WEIGHT: 180 lb (81.60 kg)

      I consider myself a lightweight backpacker that is tending towards Ultra Light.
      I hike with a typical overnight pack weight of 15-20 lbs (6.8-9.1 kg) and a
      multi-day weight of 20-25 lbs (9.1-11.3 kg). I am a, experienced and dedicated
      hammock camper that enjoys spending time in the outdoors with my family and


      Manufacturer: Black Rock Gear
      Year of Manufacture: 2011
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.blackrockgear.com/"
      LINK TEXT = "Black Rock Gear">>
      MSRP: US$85
      Listed Weight: 1.09 oz (31 g)
      Other details: Size Large, head size 21-23.5 in


      I decided that I wanted a down hat for winter camping, and being in the North
      East with the unpredictable weather in the mountains, I wanted a waterproof hat.
      Then I ran across the Black Rock <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.blackrockgear.com/sportsman.html" LINK TEXT = "Sportsman">>! This
      hat fit all of the requirements that I wanted: lightweight, warm, waterproof,
      and blaze orange for safety in hunting season.

      I have worn this hat between 30-40 nights on the trail, camping in all types of New England weather in temperatures ranging from 50°F
      (10°C) to -5°F (-20°C). Most of my trips that I worn the hat has been during the winter in windy and/or snowy conditions on hikes to places like Stratton Pond in Vermont. The Sportsman has proven to be an extremely warm and water resistant beanie. As I am a hammock camper and use a top quilt instead of a mummy bag, I even sleep in my Sportsman during the winter weather to keep my head warm. The Sportsman works well in cool fall weather as well. I have worn it on many cool nights on Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts. I roll the bottom edge of the hat up a little bit to regulate how warm the hat is, and that makes a real difference if I find that my head is getting too hot. I have also found that due to its waterproof shell that it does not breath very well (the shell acts as a vapor barrier), so I cannot wear it while hiking as my head quickly overheats and gets sweaty.

      Available Colors (From <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.blackrockgear.com/"
      LINK TEXT = "Black Rock Gear">>)

      Hunters Orange - A brilliant Orange fabric that showcases the unique fill
      qualities of the down with its semi-translucent sheen.

      Expedition Black - A beautiful run of black double sil coated nylon. The deep
      sheen gives this Black Rock Hat a stunning and impressive look.


      This is a great hat if you are looking for warmth, lightweight, and packability.


      Extremely warm
      Available in Blaze Orange


      Not very breathable. (Acts as a vapor barrier)


      Peter Raiff

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