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80922Edit/Approval: OR - Ursack Minor - Charles Nichols

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  • Ray
    Feb 14, 2012
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      OK Charles, let's finish this up. Looking at the HTML I find just one more problem. But fix it and then go ahead and upload the corrected version to:

      Reviews > Cook Gear > Bear Resistant Containers > Ursack Minor
      Or: http://tinyurl.com/87rzx5r

      Log in to BGT, and then navigate to that folder. Click "Upload File", be sure to select the "Owner Review" button, and follow the instructions to upload your HTML file and pictures.

      Now take what we have gone through on this review and apply it towards writing your next one. One down, one to go.


      EDIT: Look at your Things I Like section.

      *Keeps my food safe from critters (not bears)
      *weight isn't bad
      * It holds 6-7 days of food (if needed), plus my cook pot as well.

      Capitalize "Weight" so it matches the other bullet lines and remove the space before "It" so that line matches the others too.
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