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80918EDIT: OR - Ursack Minor - Charles Nichols

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  • Ray
    Feb 13, 2012
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      Hi Charles,

      No worries, I understand time constraints. (But not work constraints right now unfortunately ;-)

      This is looking a lot better. There are still a few edits. (Some I had before, please check them thoroughly). Hopefully this will do it. REPOST and let me check the corrected HTML one more time and if it is good I shall make the permanent folder for your review.


      Take a look at your HTML. Look at the picture showing the knot. The period that is supposed to be at the end of "See picture below" ended up under the photo. That needs to be corrected.

      ***I can pack 3 - 4 days of food with no problem and If needed 6 - 7 days of food

      EDIT: no capital I for `if"

      ***It was funny the trash bag hanging up in the background was never touched by the raccoon the entire two days we was their camping.

      EDIT: we "were there" camping.
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