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80869EDIT: OR - Outdoor Earbags Fleece - Erin Foudy

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  • Ray
    Jan 21, 2012
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      Hi Erin,

      Thanks for the Owner Review, I shall be your editor for this one. Thanks for putting the HTML version up right away. Here are your edits. After going through them please repost here and put a corrected HTML version in the test folder. (Delete the old one first.)

      By the way it is nice to see that Arizona has another tall hiker gal. Our hard working Owner Review queue manager Jamie D is south of you.


      ***Earbags - Outdoor Earbags Fleece Dark Color

      EDIT: the title should just be Earbags, Outdoor Earbags

      ***Actual Weight:14g

      EDIT: need the Imperial conversion and please put a space before the "g" (14 g)

      ***MSRP: Not listed

      EDIT: from what I see they sell the Earbags themselves and list them as €12,50 I see they do not sell to the US though.

      *** The warmers themselves are black and made of Fleece.

      EDIT: fleece (no cap)

      The Earbags logo can be seen on the inside of the earbag's white colored Fleece.

      EDIT: fleece (no cap) but the second Earbag does need one

      ***They are an oval shape, contoured just right for an ear,

      EDIT: let's play it safe and say that it is "just right for my ear" to avoid projection.

      Duration of Trip: 3 separate 9 day backpack

      EDIT: I think this should be "3 separate 9-day backpacking trips" even better would be "Three 9-day backpacking trips"

      *** during my backcountry ranger duties

      Comment: my hat's off to you, thank you for your work

      ***The Earbags are so lightweight that it is easy to forget you are wearing them at times.

      EDIT: you need to keep the review in the first person. Please change "you are" to "I am"

      ***This can be both a positive and a negative; positive in that they are almost unnoticeable yet still keep you warm, and negative in that you forget you have them on, and may inadvertently knock them off putting a pack on or messing with your hair.

      EDIT: same thing here.
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