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80635EDIT: OR Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axe - David Wilkes

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  • Ray
    Oct 25, 2011
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      Hi David,

      Thanks for your review, your edits will follow. But one thing you need to do right away is change the title and all the specs as you have the Raven Pro, not the Raven. (I recognized it right away as I have one which I reviewed here.) Which brings up a major concern.

      We MUST weigh the gear we review and (even more importantly) test ourselves. You have this in your specs:

      Advertised Weight: 437 g, 15 oz (55 cm)
      Measured Weight: 437 g, 15 oz (55 cm)

      You claim the measured weight is for a 55 cm axe when yours is 70 cm. It certainly looks like you just pasted in the same numbers. Would you please verify the actual weight? You will need to take the leash off first. If you do not have a scale take it to the post office as they have a very accurate one in the lobby for public use.

      (It is very rare for anything to be exactly the listed weight. It puts up a red flag right away.)

      Please repost the review and put a corrected HTML version in the test folder. Here are the edits for the body of the review.


      ***The axe has a straight shaft that is gray with the Black Diamond name and logo.

      Comment: it is actually more silver than gray. Maybe light gray?

      ***The pick has an aggressive saw tooth cut in to it's under side and a very sharp edge to the point.

      EDIT: The pick has an aggressive "sawtooth" cut in to "its" "underside" and a very sharp edge to the point.

      ***The adze also has a very sharp edge (not quite knife sharp, more like a hatchet but ground only on one, the bottom side).

      EDIT: more like a hatchet but ground only on the bottom side
      Or; more like a hatchet but ground only on one side, the bottom

      ***I have used the axe as an anchor when stopping on steep terrain by plunging the shaft into the snow, along with the leash, it has worked quite well for this being easy to insert and remove.

      Comment: that is called the belay anchor

      *** the second most use I have gotten out of this axe is for glissading where I use it with the spike of the handle in the snow for breaking,

      EDIT: for "braking"

      ***and when necessary for self arrest.

      EDIT: self-arrest (look for all instances please)

      *** (if it had not I might not be here to write this).

      Comment: ha, how true
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