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80448Re: OR - Caldera Fissure - Ray Estrella

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  • Ray
    Aug 17, 2011
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      I can dump 3/4 oz of Everclear in the stove and have 2.5 cups of boiling water in 7 minutes. As I only use the Calderas when solo the little weight of the alc is not a bother. For family trips I take a WindPro. If Dave and I share a stove we take an EtaExpress for the speed and fuel sipping ability.

      I have Esbit but don't like the smell and soot.

      Wood has a heat output (depending on moisture content) of around 4700 to 7000 btu per lb. Everclear has 12,800 btu per lb (just to keep the comparisons the same). The nice thing about the wood is not having to carry it, as it is a found resource.

      To me the time involved with finding suitable material, starting and feeding the fire, and cleaning the pot (I did put my Fissure into a nylon stuff sack just to avoid the last when I thought I may use Esbit) needs to be factored into the whole process.

      As you may have noticed I am not really the kick-back-enjoy-the-day type of backpacker. When not with the kids I tend to want to go-go-go. It was a big step just to try alcohol stoves in the first place, but now that I did I love 'em.

      Wait till you see the OR for the system I used all winter. The pictures are pretty cool.


      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Goller" <ChiefModerator@...> wrote:
      > I guess I should clarify that. I use a Sidewinder. I mostly burn wood > or, sometimes, Esbit.
      > The weight or heat numbers just aren't there for alcohol, at least not
      > in the many bench tests I've run.
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