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80412RE: [BackpackGearTest] EDITED/APPROVED - OR - Exped Andromeda II - Jerry Goller

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  • Jerry Goller
    Jul 31, 2011
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      Wow, you *are* picky about I.... ;o) I agree with every edit and have
      made the corrections.

      Thanks for the fast turnaround. See you at the show!!


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      Jerry Goller


      Quick and dirty edit. Upload at :


      If you aren't expecting high winds or reasonably heavy snow, it can be.
      Edit: I'm a real stickler for the "you" word. Can you please change it to
      "I" to reflect your experience? Please?

      Temperatures have ranged from highs of 20F (-6 C) or so down to lows well
      below 0F (-18 C).
      EDIT: Please add a space between the number and the "F".

      I've had snow as heavy as 2 ft (.61 m) over night.
      EDIT: If you add a zero before the decimal point, it makes it easier to
      read the metric measurement correctly.

      Once the tent is up I can slid my sled under the vestibule side, out of the
      snow and wind.
      EDIT: I think you mean "slide".

      All that gear stays in the vestibule so melting snow never gets inside the
      tent body leaving everything stays dry and clean.
      EDIT: Delete "stays".

      As you can see by the image, the opening is gray on gray. This can be very
      hard to find, particularly when you are tired,
      Edit: I would rather see "As can be seen in the image..." and "when I am

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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] OR - Exped Andromeda II - Jerry Goller

      HTML version at http://tinyurl.com/43e9o78


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