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80363Approval / Edit: Owner review - Exped Alpine 140 trekking poles -Quistad

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  • Michael
    Jul 6, 2011
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      Well done. There are a few small edits for you to make. Once you get them knocked out, you can upload your file to the new folder found here.

      Reviews > Trekking Poles > Poles > Exped Alpine 140 Trekking Poles


      After you upload, make sure to delete your test file. Once that is done - you have successfully completed your two initial OR's and you are now an official tester. Make sure that you join the backpackgeartesters yahoo group, get your signed tester agreement sent in and start applying for test series. But don't forget to keep the OR's coming, that will help you get selected to test gear down the road.

      Congratulations and thanks for your contribution to BGT, I look forward to seeing your reviews.



      >>Exped is an innovative Swiss company that in addition to a thoughtfully varied line of very light trekking poles, offer a variety of back country products.

      EDIT: back country should be backcountry

      >>The 3 different size baskets provided with the the Alpine 140 (and with all Exped poles) provide a solution for most situations.

      EDIT: You have an extra "the" in this sentence.

      >>They have convinced me that the benefits to my knees and added stability more than compensates the minimal extra weight that they add to my kit.

      EDIT: you need a "for" after compensates
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