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80361EDIT - WrightSock Merino Trail Crew Socks - Shelly LaClair

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  • richardglyon
    Jul 5 1:48 PM
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      Hi Shelly, and thanks for your Owner Review. While I am including specific edits (in the standard format), before I can approve your OR for posting I need to review the html version. After making changes as set forth below, please repost the plain text to this list, with "REPOST," the product name, and your name in the subject line and a tinyurl link to the html version in the Tests/Owner Review folder.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<LOCATION: Rensselaer , New York>>
      EDIT: Please add "USA" at the end.

      <<I have completed many long distance thru-hikes including the Northville-Placid Trail, New York; Long Trail, Vermont; the Cohos Trail, New Hampshire, Wonderland Trail, Washington, and the West Coast Trail, Canada.>>
      Edit: For consistency and clarity consider changing the commas after "New Hampshire" and "Washington" to semicolons.
      EDIT: Please add the province for the West Coast Trail.

      <<Manufacturer: WrightSock>>
      EDIT: Here we need the full, legal name of the manufacturer - Waterbury Mills Inc.

      <<Actual weight: 3 oz>>
      EDIT: Indicate if this is per sock or per pair, and add the metric conversion.

      <<Sizes: S, M, L, XL>>
      Edit: Which size do you wear?

      <<The double layer Anti-Blister System WrightSock is my hiking sock of choice and used them on most of my long-distance hikes except the West Coast Trail in 2010.>>
      EDIT: and I used them [Or – preferably – drop "and" and start a new sentence with "I used them"

      <<I used another brand that was not the double layer system and I had blisters galore. In addition to the long-distance hikes, I use them for all day and weekend hikes as well as daily wear with shoes and sneakers.>>
      Edit: I use the socks ["them" has an uncertain antecedent – might be "blisters, the closest noun.]

      <<Experiences with product.>>
      EDIT: You need to add some detail about field conditions: trail conditions, shoes/boots worn, precipitation, and temperature.

      <<but the amount of blisters and the severity of them has been drastically reduced.>>
      EDIT: have been drastically reduced

      <<and they are totally seam free. >>
      Edit: seam-free [with a hyphen]

      << The sock has a great fit and keeps the sock stays properly positioned on my foot with no twisting or bunching. >>
      EDIT: delete "keeps" [Sentence is garbled.]

      <<Even with two layers, one being marino wool, I find that the there is less bulk than a traditional wool sock.>>
      EDIT: merino [spelling]

      <<Typically I wear the Marino Trail Crew style because I wear hiking boots and like the sock to be higher on the ankle. I have the WrightSock in the Mariono Trail Quarter style that I use when wearing sneakers.>>
      EDIT: Merino [spelling – two places]

      General EDIT: Could you add a paragraph or two about durability and cleaning?