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80302EDIT / APPROVAL - Missing in the Minarets - Lyon

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  • Michael
    Jun 2, 2011
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      I have to admit I felt like a minor league batter giving hitting advice to Babe Ruth while editing your review. Nice book review, I may add this one to my Fathers Day wish list.

      You know the drill. Once you have adjusted adequately, feel free to upload to the following folder.

      Reviews > Books > General

      Thanks for your contribution to BGT.



      >>[Note: Bill Alsup is an accomplished photographer who often includes his 4 x 5 camera equipment in a backpack he designed for that purpose. I recommend another of his books, Such a Landscape!, to any photographer or history buff. It's an annotation of the journal of William Brewer, first assistant on the 1864 California Geographical Survey, as he traveled through what is now known as King's Canyon. Bill's photographs
      alone are worth the price of this book, which though out of print is generally
      available on the secondary market.]

      Edit: Is this Note a quote from anything? If so, can we note who it is from? If not, I would like to get a ruling from a senior editor (such as you) on the recommendation of the other book. We all know the rules for recommendations, but is a book recommendation different from gear?

      >>Peter Starr set out on a solo backpack, scheduled to meet his father at a lodge ten days later.

      Edit: It seems to me that this sentence is missing a noun such as "Trip", "Expedition", "Adventure" etcÂ… to be used with "backpack" as the adjective. But it is OK if you intentionally wrote the sentence to use "backpack" as the noun, I just haven't seen it structured that way.
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