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80174Edit/Approval - Hilleberg Atko - Cheryl McMurray

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  • richardglyon
    Apr 11, 2011
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      Excellent report, and particularly informative photos. Some edits, in the usual format; after revising you may upload at http://tinyurl.com/42xkted Be sure to delete your Test/Owner Review folder copy.

      I have one general Edit for you to consider. I'd like to know the size of the vestibule, especially since you report on cooking in it. Strictly up to you, however.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<Manufacturer Website: www.hilleberg.com>>
      EDIT: Hilleberg has two websites: <<www.hilleberg.se>> for Europe and the one you identify for the rest of the world. As Hilleberg is based in Sweden, I'd say the former is "home," but I'd list both.

      <<MSRP: $420 US>>
      EDIT: Now $430 in North America and EUR 479 in Europe. I'd list both.

      <<The Hilleberg Akto tent is a solo single pole tunnel tent that is considered to be an all weather, lightweight shelter. >>
      Edit: single-pole [with a hyphen]

      <<There is one 9mm (.35 in) pole that goes through a continuous dead end sleeve that is located at the center of the outer tent >>
      EDIT: 9 mm [with a space] (0.35 in) [Too easy to miss that little period]

      <<Round Valley, San Jacinto Mts, Southern California>>
      Edit: Mountains [optional here]

      <<Eagle Pk, Joshua Tree National Park, >>
      EDIT: Peak or Park?

      << The winds blew all night at approximately 30 mph (48 kph) but I never felt any affect of it. >>
      EDIT: effect of it

      In fact, I slept really well and was able to eliminate any worry of how I was going
      << I woke up, I was amazed as to how warm and quiet it was inside the tent. >>
      Comment: Are Hilleberg tents wonderful!

      <<I can lay back without touching the ceiling of the inner tent >>
      EDIT: lie back

      <<It would be nice if there was a storage pocket at both ends.>>
      Edit: if there were

      << There are some gear loops inside but the only thing that I have used those for is to hang and very small light for quick access. >>
      EDIT: There's a garble here. "a very small light" (?) Please revise.

      <<The vestibule has an impressive amount of room it it since the pole goes through a sleeve in the outer tent >>
      EDIT: room in it

      <<The Akto has two semi-circle vents at each end of the outer tent >>
      Edit: semicircular vents

      <<On the trip to the San Jacinto Mts, there was not a lot of wind >>
      EDIT: Mountains [mandatory here]
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