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80036Re: [BackpackGearTest] Edit/Approval: OR - Ahnu Sequoia Women's Trail Shoes - Kathy Waters

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  • Kathy Waters
    Feb 12, 2011
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      Thanks for the edits. I've made the obvious corrections. Nubuck leather by definition is a brushed leather to produce a suede-like nap. I got that description from BGT's Ahnu rep. I did forget the word "mesh" after "Charcoal gray". As for what "ETC" is - how about "Everything That Confuses"? Will that work? <g> I honestly don't know, should know and have fired off an e-mail to Ahnu for an explanation. I will update the OR when I get an answer but in the interim, I changed the wording so it's not so esoteric, but still gets the point across.

      Thanks for keeping me on my toes.


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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Edit/Approval: OR - Ahnu Sequoia Women's Trail Shoes - Kathy Waters

      Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the review, they look like nice shoes. I have a few edits for you, after which you can put it at:

      Reviews > Footwear > Trail Shoes > Ahnu Sequoia Trail Shoes


      *** Charcoal gray synthetic and nubuck leather uppers

      Edit: "Nubuck" (spelling), but where are you getting that they are Nubuck? The site does not mention anything about it. It looks like suede and mesh to me. Maybe the tags or box?

      *** A dual density sock liner features ETC for reduction of irritation and heat build-up,

      EDIT: what is ETC?

      *** Vegetation is typical high desert, lots of cactus, juniper and pinon pine

      Edit: common spelling is Pinyon pine or PiƱon pine


      Edit: did you mean to put SUMMARY?

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