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79935Edit/Approval - Equinox Armadillo - Mike Pearl

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  • richardglyon
    Jan 13, 2011
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      Thanks for the quick fix. Two minor EDITS; address them and upload to http://tinyurl.com/5rdkpnf

      Congratulations on a brownie point!


      <<When its time to pack up, just roll and click the buckle. >>
      EDIT: it's time [contraction for "it is"]

      <<I store the Armadillo in large ziplock freezer bag. >>
      EDIT: "Ziploc" [capital Z, no k] is a trademark. While I note that "ziplock" and "zip lock" are becoming a bit more common, let's err on the side of safety. "Ziploc" if the genuine article; "zip top" if not.