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79908Re: EDIT - Western Mountaineering Sequoia sleeping bag - Lyon

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  • Roger Caffin
    Jan 3, 2011
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      Hi Richard

      > I believe an OR of the Sequoia, even though I have the taffeta fabric, is
      > quite appropriate.
      > The design is the same, and has been since before I bought my bag.
      > The design's the same, the weight's about the same, the features are the
      > same (down to the
      > separate zips for side and foot), it's still offered by its manufacturer -
      > today's buyer gets pretty
      > much what I got but for a 2010 fabric.
      That's fine then - I could not understand what was intended.
      In which case the OR needs to make it clear right at the start, that
      * you are reviewing the Sequoia bag in general
      * it hasn't changed in 20+ years apart from different (improved) fabrics

      Can do?

      > XXXXX So Atko Sport Wash works for down? Are all the down-specific
      > products merely
      > soap-free detergents?

      Yes, Atsko Sports Wash works just fine on down.

      Yes, Sports Wash is detergent, but with a difference from ordinary laundry
      detergent or any 'consumer' shampoo or dish-washing detergent. The
      difference is that all the consumer detergents have added scents, bulking
      agents, brighteners, enzymes, and hordes of other chemicals. Most of the
      added chemicals stay in the fabric after being washed, and that severely
      compromises some outdoors features. The main one is that they block any
      user-applied DWR from adhering, which is a disaster when you are trying to
      revive rainproof gear. The added chemicals can also decrease the action of
      factory-applied DWR - like on a sleeping bag, and let it wet out more

      As for washing down: you don't want to strip the remaining oils off the
      down, so harsh detergents are a bad thing. Neither do you wish to clag up
      the extremely fine fibres of the down with added gunk. Sports Wash works
      very well here: it is quite mild.

      The 'soap-free' bit is however irrelevant: there usually is no 'soap' in any
      detergent. 'Soap' is just sodium stearate - plus all the gunk they add to it
      for perfume etc.

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