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79906Re: EDIT - Western Mountaineering Sequoia sleeping bag - Lyon

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  • richardglyon
    Jan 2, 2011
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      Roger, Thanks for the edits. A couple of comments below, but generally I believe an OR of the Sequoia, even though I have the taffeta fabric, is quite appropriate. The design is the same, and has been since before I bought my bag. What's unique to this bag is the semi-rec design for such a low rated bag, not the fabric. Twenty years ago Western Mountaineering offered the Sequoia in a couple of (then) high tech fabrics, though they made it in all taffeta too. Whatever were the high tech fabrics then have also been upgraded, as technology has been improved. I think my review makes clear that the fabric is not this bag's strong or weak point. The design's the same, the weight's about the same, the features are the same (down to the separate zips for side and foot), it's still offered by its manufacturer - today's buyer gets pretty much what I got but for a 2010 fabric.

      I welcome your thoughts.

      Cheers (and Happy New Year), Richard

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Caffin" <r.caffin@...> wrote:
      > EDIT - Western Mountaineering Sequoia sleeping bag - Lyon
      > Hi Richard
      > I think you need to clarify exactly what you are reviewing right up front,
      > as I was rather confused. GWS, MF, or old taffeta? If the latter, I have to
      > ask whether it makes sense to review a 20-year-old bag? As you will see from
      > the edits.
      > Cheers
      > Roger Caffin
      > BGT Editor
      > ----------------------------
      > > Today the Sequoia is available in two fabrics: Gore WindstopperT (GWS) or
      > > MicroLite XPT Microfiber (MF).
      > EDIT: but which one are you actually reviewing? At this stage I cannot tell.
      > Have you bought a new GWS version, a new MF version, or are you reviewing
      > your very old version - which may no longer be relevant as it may not bear a
      > real lot of similarity to the current versions, and is certainly no longer
      > available.
      XXXXX See comment above.
      > > After a final pressing the bag is draped over the shower curtain bar to
      > > dry, which can take two or three days.
      > Comment ONLY: washed our king-size bedroom quilt today - first time in 40
      > years. In bathtub with Atsko Sports Wash, then carefully spun in a top
      > loader. Then hung out on the clothes line in the Australian sun. Dry and
      > fluffy by 3 pm. Yeah - it was a bit hot today! :-)
      XXXXX So Atko Sport Wash works for down? Are all the down-specific products merely soap-free detergents? Could save some money here . . . .
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