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79741EDIT / APPROVAL - OR CAMP XLC 490 Crampons - David Wilkes

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  • Michael Williams
    Oct 31, 2010
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      Hi David,

      Nice Owner Review, your initial edits will follow. They will take the following format;

      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      Once you have fixed them feel free to post your review here:




      Please remember to delete your test version too.


      <<Manufacturer's Website: www.campusa.com
      EDIT:  This is not the
      correct we address for the manufacturer.  I believe the correct site is "www.camp-usa.com"
      Comment:  I find it very useful to have the web address as a hyperlink.

      << Measured: 2.45 oz (70 g)
      Edit:  Please re-verify the measured wight, I don't see a pair of crampons (even aluminum) weighing less than 3 oz (but I could be wrong)

      <<(actually did not even have appropriate mountaineering boots yet).
      EDIT:  This statement needs either; “I actually..” or “actually, I...”

      <<(x2 trips 2 days each)
      EDIT:  I'm not sure what the
      “x2” refers to, I'm guessing you meant “2 trips of 2 days each” or something similar, please revise.

      <<They are not suitable for Ice climbing or mixed terrain (i.e. rock).
      EDIT: remove the capital “I” in Ice.
      Edit:  your “i.e. rock” is in reference to mixed terrain so you should identify multiple terrains n your example, such as “i.e. rock and ice”.

      <<The crampons include a "Wear indicator" stamped on one spike of each crampon.
      EDIT:  to be consistent, you should capitalize (or not) both words in "Wear indicator", so "Wear Indicator" or "wear indicator".

      <<When not in use I collapse the footplates, then with put them together so the points facing in, wrap the binding straps securely around them to hold them together.
      EDIT:  I think you need to remove the “with” in “then with put Them...”
      Edit:  Consider adding “are” to the phrase ...so the points
      “are” facing in...”

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