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79340Edit/Approval: OR - GU Energy Chomps - Kathy Waters

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  • Ray
    Jul 19, 2010
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      Hi Kathy,

      Here are your edits for this chew, I mean reviewÂ…

      Once done you can place it here:




      ***Picture Courtesy of GU Energy

      Edit: maybe add "and logo" here to cover the logo you pulled from the site.

      ***I quickly staggered over to it - it was late in the day , I was starving

      EDIT: delete space before comma

      *** "For optimal results, always drink 24 to 30 ounces ( g) of fluid per hour of exercise.

      EDIT: need the ml or L conversion (not g)

      *** Sugar natually provides a quick boost during exertion.

      EDIT: naturally

      *** I can actually push myself with another serving of Chomps after the recommended 45-60 minutes but after that, if I was hunger before, I'm hungry then

      EDIT: if I was "hungry" before

      *** But I will gladly choose any one of the other three Chomps' flavors before any other energy-replensing-type snack when I'm on the trail!

      EDIT: energy replenishing
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