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79267EDIT: OR - MSR Ex Miniworks - Michael Dax

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  • Ray
    Jun 12, 2010
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      Hi Michael,

      Nice job on this review. Here are your edits. Once made please repost here and update the HTML version too.


      ***LOCATION: Old Faithful, WY

      EDIT: please spell out the name of the state and ad "USA" for the benefit of our international readers.

      Also, I am sorry to say but your bio is over the 100 word limit. Can you please shorten it a bit?

      ***Manufacturer: MSR

      EDIT: please spell it out the first time at least putting the (MSR) in parenthesis. Then you can use MSR for the rest of the review

      ***Manufacturer's Website: Mountain Safety Research

      EDIT: the URL needs to be the actual address, not just hyperlinked

      ***Listed Height: 7.5 inches (19 cm)
      ***Listed Width: 2.75 inches (7 cm)

      EDIT: what are the actual measurements?

      *** At the bottom of the filter, there is a cap that crews on to the part

      EDIT: a cap that "screws"

      *** The screws of the filter are made to will fit onto a nalgene.

      EDITS: The "threads" of the filter are made to will fit onto a "Nalgene" (proper name)

      *** There is a chamber that is cylindrical and about an inch and half (3.75 cm) by an inch (2.5 cm )

      EDIT: delete extra space in parenthesis

      *** The other end has three points that allow three spaces for water to go into the element from the cylindrical chamber. Once the water is pumped into the element, it is filtered through the element and eventually comes out through the spout at the bottom.

      Comment: are you sure about this? I believe that the water is forced through the sides of the ceramic element where the filtered water runs out through the bottom valve. The umbrella valve lets water into the main housing correct? This should be why you clean the filter by scrubbing the outside of the element. If it filtered through the center as you describe the element would need to be scrubbed inside.

      *** With the carrying case and srubbing pad

      EDIT: scrubbing

      ***I have owned my MSR Ex Miniworks

      MSR MiniWorks EX

      ***It was noticeably covered with a layer a fine brown silt

      EDIT: a layer "of" fine brown silt

      *** The Miniworks comes with a green scrub pad

      EDIT: MiniWorks please look for all instances of this

      ***In my experience, the pump handle for the Miniworks is overall very comfortable and ergonomic. the handle moves

      EDIT: capitalize The

      ***Usually, I will hold my nalgene in between my knees

      EDIT: Nalgene

      *** I very much enjoy that I have always been able to detect the problem and that the problems have alwasy been simple

      EDIT: "always" been simple
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