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78796EDIT: REVISED - OR - Osprey Atmos 35 (Fall 2006) - Leif LeBaron

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  • a_henrichs
    Feb 6, 2010
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      Hi Lief,

      I have some more edits for you. Nothing too significant, just some minor ones. When they are corrected, please repost your new version with a new html link. Please include the link in the same post as the text version.



      EDIT: It would be helpful to include your torso length. Along the same lines, please include sizes available and their corresponding torso lengths (as stated by Osprey).

      > **18 Dec 2009**
      EDIT: update the date

      The fabric is waterproof...
      Edit: Are you talking about the doubled fabric or the fabric of the entire pack?

      > Having grown accustomed to the excellent range of motion in the "floating" hip belts of Arc'teryx packs
      Comment: Direct comparisons to other manufacturers are discouraged. If someone hasn't used an Arc'teryx pack, this hipbelt comparison doesn't help much. Switching "Arc'Teryx" to a more generic term may be best.

      >I found the Atmos hip belt to be somewhat restrictive but also more comfortable and ergonomic than many other packs which I've used.
      Edit: Can you expand on this?

      > but I it has endured since I repaired it with stronger thread and a more resilient stitch pattern.
      EDIT: remove the first "I"

      > I noticed that these rods were greased and that the grease had spread onto the fabric which is likely to cause long-term problems.
      EDIT: Avoid making any suppositions as to potential problems. Just review based on your experiences, not what you think may happen.

      > (though I expect it is similarly vulnerable and I don't know how easy it is to remove).
      EDIT: Just like the above edit, don't base review information on suppositions.
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