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78784EDIT - Marmot Power Stretch Pant - Nanci Paroubek

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  • richardglyon
    Feb 5, 2010
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      I'm going to request a Repost anyway, so here are your edits, same format as before: EDIT is a required change, Edit a suggested change or request for clarification, and Comment a comment with no change required. Repost the plain text version here, with "REPOST," the product name, and your name in the subject line, and include a tinyurl link to the html version in the Tests/Owner Review files.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<October 14, 2009 >>
      EDIT: You are correct that the original date may be used, but given the passage of four months I think you should update to January 24, 2010, the date of your last repost.

      <<EMAIL: >>
      Edit: Consider making this non-clickable, to discourage spammers (e g, nhawkins DOT wisemonan . . .)

      <<We hike threeseasons in the Adirondacks-black fly, mosquito, and cold. >>
      EDIT: Add a space between "three" and "seasons"
      Edit: I suggest changing the hyphen to a dash, with a space before and after (Adirondacks – black fly). This is something much more noticeable in html.
      Comment: Excellent description. In Wyoming the four seasons are early winter, midwinter, late winter, and next winter.

      <<The Marmot power stretch pants, hereafter referred to as the pants, or the power stretch pants, are a heavyweight tight style pant made of Polartec power stretch fabric which has four way stretch. >>
      EDIT: Whenever you are using a trademarked name you must conform to the mark owner's usage exactly, including spelling and capitalization: Marmot Power Stretch Pants, Polartec Power Stretch fabric, with initial caps. Here and anytime you use "Power Stretch" in your report.
      Edit: four-way [with a hyphen]

      <<The outer surface is smooth, with flat stitched seams, >>
      Edit: flat-stitched [with a hyphen]

      <<Over the past year I have used these pants as a cold weather base layer for backpacking, hiking, occasional winter runs, and both crosscountry and downhill skiing, >>
      EDIT: cross-country [hyphenated word] Here and one other place in your Report.

      <<The hikes have been in the Adirondacks with temperatures down to 28 F ( -2.21 C ) with light snow.>>
      EDIT: Unless you are reporting an exact measurement (elevation of a peak, for example), you should round the conversion. Here, -2 C. Please correct the other conversions in your report accordingly.
      EDIT: Looks like you have a space before and after "-2 C." If so please delete. This is another example of something that's more evident in html.

      << I hiked with the power stretch pants under breathable nylon
      convertable pants.>>
      EDIT: convertible [spelling]

      << so I cannot give any estimate of abrasion resistance for bushwacking.>>
      EDIT: bushwhacking [spelling]
      Edit: "when bushwhacking" would be more accurate

      <<The longest single trip has been seven days without laundry facillities.>>
      EDIT: facilities [spelling]

      << The pants have been machine washed and dried with no special treatment.>>
      Edit: I'd like to see some more detail here. What type of detergent did you use, what washer and dryer cycles, what else was in the washer? Or did you hand-wash?

      <<I believe that the stop and go nature of downhill skiing>>
      Edit: stop-and-go [with hyphens]

      << I also found the four way stretch of the fabric meant a snug but not pinching or binding fit.>>
      Edit: four-way [with a hyphen]
      Comment: A very apt description.

      <<There is a little extra length which I can pull up, or roll up at
      the bottom without creating an uncomfortable fold>>
      EDIT: Add a period at the end of the sentence.
      Edit: This sentence would be easier to understand if you deleted the comma or added a second comma after "bottom."

      <<Extremely warm, comfortable pant.>>
      Edit: This is the only sentence fragment in your Summary section. It would read much better if you made it into a complete sentence.
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