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78752EDIT: Owner Review - BearVault V500 - Michael Dax

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  • sophie_pearson
    Feb 1 11:24 AM
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      Hi Michael,
      Welcome to backpackgeartest, you are off to a great start!

      I use the standard format for edits -
      EDIT: must change
      Edit: suggested change, it's up to you
      Comment: something to think about

      After revising, please repost to this list, with "Repost" added to the title.

      You can also put an HTML copy in the Owner Review Test Folder, and include a
      link to it in your repost. After logging in to the main site, the folder is
      found at the end of the list of reviews on the main page, or here;

      The free BGT Report Writer for HTML creation may be found here;

      If you need any help with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo!
      support group, BGTFileUploadHelp at


      ****Height: 6'3"
      EDIT: You need to convert measurements to metric units as well for our international readers. This is true throughout your report, with heights, weights, distances etc.

      ****Email Address: mjdax30@...
      Edit: We recommend spelling this out because of spam. mjdax30 at whatever dot com

      ****The BearVault V500 is 700 cubic inches and roughly 13 inches
      tall by 8 inches in diameter.
      EDIT: You need conversions here. Also, are these your measurements? We like to have comparisons between the listed dimensions and your measured ones, as you did with the weight.

      ****did a day trip down the creek on our second
      day.. Our elevation was between 7400 feet
      and 2500. The terrain was rough, but
      because of the dependable weather, our packs were light at around thirty
      EDIT: Conversions to metric again. Also you have an extra period after 'second day'

      ****that it was safe from mice without having to take time consuming precautions or
      EDIT: time-consuming

      ****My friend and I both carried a BearVault V500 while my girlfriend
      carried the Garcia canister).
      EDIT: As you are reviewing the BearVault, it is policy not to compare with another brand by name. Something along the lines of 'while my girlfriend carried a different canister'.

      ****I do not think a single bear attempted to get into our canisters
      EDIT: Need a period after canisters.

      ****It had a couple benefits it had over the Garcia
      EDIT: As I mentioned above, it is better not to mention other brands by name. Something like 'It had a couple of benefits over other canisters on the market'

      Finally, on a long trip like the JMT
      Edit: You mention John Muir Trail earlier, but it is hard to put the two together. It would be better to either spell out the full name, or put JMT in parenthesis after the first mention.

      ****Bear canisters are a necessary evil. They are heavy and the take up a lot of
      space, but when you need them, you need them.
      EDIT: We require a summary section. You did a really nice summary, so just adding the subtitle 'Summary' to it would be fine. A list of likes and dislikes is also nice for people who are reading the report quickly, but we don't require it so it's up to you.
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