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7869Re: [BackpackGearTest] Bug juice

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  • Ron Martino
    Feb 1 3:42 PM
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      > We have a couple of insect repellent tests we couldn’t get to from
      > last year. I particularly want to give the Sawyer Gold a good work out
      > with black and deer flys. We’ve also got the Sawyer and 3M extended
      > protection (12 – 24 hour) mosquito repellent. I’m looking for
      > suggestions as to when and where. I assume, for the black flys, New
      > England but how early could we start and still have a good test? How
      > about deer flys? I’m thinking somewhere along the Gulf Coast or maybe
      > the Sierras for the mosquitoes. Any suggestions?
      > Jerry

      In western Montana it's mostly ticks, mosquitoes and no-see-ums, with
      the season for ticks starting as early as April in some places; but it
      would be better to wait until high summer for heavier concentrations of
      all of them.


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