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78431EDIT: Repost - OR2 - LOKI Tak Light Shell - Travis Crooke

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  • Ray
    Nov 9, 2009
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      Hi Travis,

      OK this is better. Please go through all of these. Some were there the first time. Once done please put it back in the test folder (delete the old one) and give me a link to it here when you REPOST. If it is good I will give an approval and show you where to put it.

      Almost done,


      ***Steamboat Springs, Colorado

      EDIT: please add "USA" at the end, and if you put (CO) after Colorado you can use the abbreviation through the rest of the review.

      LOKI integrates built-in mittens and face warmers into all of their jackets, thereby
      transforming a normal jacket into a ninja's dream outerlayer

      EDIT: outer layer

      ***While the wearer remains dry in both scenarios, the latter causes the garmet to hold water

      EDIT: garment

      ***For the mittens, LOKI makes jacket arms about 3 inches (7.6 cm) longer than other jackets I have reviewed.

      EDIT: since you have not reviewed any other coats for BGT can you please change that to "owned" or "used"

      *** The mitt keeps my hands dry and warm. I thought it was a bit gimmicky at first, but as I tested it over the past year,

      EDIT: again, you are not "testing" this. Please say, as I "used" it over the past year

      *** This feature is great when backpacking because the straps of the bag sometimes get in the way of the venting zips

      Edit: I think you mean the straps of the "pack" get in the way

      *** Initially, the weatherproofing works very well, but like other jackets, it loses its beading capacity over time.

      EDIT: like other jackets "I have owned" it loses its beading capacity over time.

      *** If exposed to constant water, the outerlayer does soak up water

      EDIT: outer layer

      ***If a problem arises with the a garment, chances are good that an owner or designer will personally address the issue.

      EDIT: delete either "a" or "the" before garment

      *** Like most raincoats, the beading has decreased over time, but the inside of the jacket remains dry.

      EDIT: like most raincoats "I have used"
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