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78303Re: [BackpackGearTest] Pictures- Titanium Goat 'Ptarmgan' bivy sack review

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Oct 2, 2009
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      BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com wrote on 10/01/2009 06:39:35 PM:

      > After getting approval to upload my review, I included several
      > pictures with my final review. These do not appear on the review
      > page. Did I upload them incorrectly? Do pictures simply take longer
      > to appear on the page? Thanks.
      > -Dave

      [JET] Can you provide the link to the report?

      > --- On Mon, 9/21/09, a_henrichs <andyhenrichs@...> wrote:
      > > Email: david.loome@ ...
      > Comment: you may want to think about changing "@" to "at" and "." to
      > "dot". Spammers seem to find clickable email links everywhere and
      > BGT is not immune.

      [JET] Actually we are. David has the site well protected, and I've never
      gotten SPAM (that I know of) from posting my e-mail in a BGT report. That
      being said, either format is acceptable (although SPAMMERS have figured
      out "at" and "dot"... sneaky folks that they are).

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