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78257EDIT/APPROVAL: REPOST: Owner review, Titanium Goat 'Ptarmgan' bivy sack

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  • a_henrichs
    Sep 21, 2009
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      Hi David,

      Great job on the report! I have one comment below as well as one minor edit. Once you make the edit, you can post your first OR! Congratulations! You can find the folder in the Tarps and Bivys section of the Shelter category. Make sure you upload it as an Owner Review. Also, please delete your test html file from the Owner Review test folder.

      Once that is all done, get started on your second OR so you can test gear! Be sure to note that you are required to have a picture for your next OR.

      Again, congratulations and keep up the great work!


      > Email: david.loome@...
      Comment: you may want to think about changing "@" to "at" and "." to "dot". Spammers seem to find clickable email links everywhere and BGT is not immune.

      >The loops can be attached under a tarp, an overhead branch, A trekking pole stuck into the ground, etc.
      EDIT: lowercase a before trekking pole
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