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78163EDIT/Approval - Vasque Zephyr II boots - Andrea Murland

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  • richardglyon
    Sep 1 12:47 PM
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      Andrea, Excellent Owner Review, interesting and informative. I have a few edits and suggestions, in our standard format: EDIT (all caps)=required change; Edit (initial cap)=suggested change, and Comment=a comment, with no change required. Once you have revised, you may upload your report to http://tinyurl.com/mhfteq Be sure to delete your Tests/OR folder copy.

      This is your second OR, so once you upload you are officially a Newbie and therefore qualified to apply to test gear. To do this you should join our sister Yahoo group, backpackgeartesters.com, and be on the lookout for gear that suits your needs and your fancy. Congratulations! And unless I'm missing someone you rate special attention as our only Canadian tester.

      Even though not required I urge you to continue posting Owner Reviews. This should help hone your writing skills and give you extra credit when you are competing for gear to test.

      Cheers, Richard

      <I also snowshoe and ski in the winter, but don't have a lot of experience with winter in the backcountry yet.>
      Comment: Do you ski at Whitewater? Terrific ski area, inbounds and out.

      <Elevation is typically 500-3000 m (1600-10,000 ft), in the Canadian Kootenays or Rockies.>
      Edit: I thought that the Kootenays were part of the Rockies (as are the Selkirks, Tetons, and many other ranges). If there is a local distinction you might explain it.

      <MSRP: US $180>
      EDIT: I couldn't find a MSRP on Vasque's website. Unless this came from a Vasque hang tag, you should state "Not Available." If it is from a Vasque hang tag, please indicate that.

      <Listed Weight: 1286 g (2 lb 13 oz)>
      EDIT/edit: 3 lb 4 oz/1474 g is what I found listed on the website. That might be a 2009 model, or a Vasque hang tag might have something different. Please correct or explain.

      < There is a nylon loop at the back of the collar to help pull the boot on, and the insoles are removable.>
      Edit: You state at the end of your Report that you've used the Vasque insoles, but the full Report would be improved by noting that fact here.

      <The boots were then used for 2.5 months of backpacking in the Alps, as well as another 1.5 months of frequent use while travelling and walking around cities, towns, and shorter trails.>
      <In addition, I have probably walked another 100 km (60 mi) around cities and towns while travelling.>
      EDIT: traveling [The preferred US spelling. If the second "l" is common in Canada, keep it.]

      <The boots have been used on varied terrain: dirt, mud, boulders, scree, snow, ice (glacier), slippery forest vegetation (pine needles and leaves, for example).
      Edit: Adding "and" before "slippery" would improve readability.

      < Although they didn't have great arch support, the ankle support and lateral stability in the boot was excellent.>
      EDIT: were excellent [Plural subject takes a plural verb.]

      <The first backpacking trip that these boots walked through was a 5-day trip in Germany through forest, sub-alpine, a lot of rock, and a lot of snow.>
      Edit: "sub-alpine" is an adjective and the other items in the series are nouns. "sub-alpine terrain" or "sub-alpine rock and packed trail" would improve clarity.

      <I've never used a pair of boots so heavily and frequently before, so I wasn't expecting these ones to deteriorate so quickly.>
      Edit: You could delete "ones" without changing the meaning, and this would make the sentence read better.

      <The leather and mesh on the body and tongue of the boot is in excellent condition.>
      EDIT: are in excellent condition [Another plural subject.]
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