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77861EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Osprey Aether 70 Pack - Paul Schilke

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  • pamwyant
    Jul 1, 2009
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      (Sorry if this shows up twice - yahoo directed me to a sign in page, so I assume the first post didn't go through)

      Hi Paul,

      Nice job on the extra information in the re-write. I had to edit from the HTML version though. Your plain text version posted here still had a lot of extra characters, which I guess may be from copying/pasting from the HTML version? If that happens, you really should clean up the version here by deleting all those extra characters before posting, as they become very distracting when trying to read and edit the report.

      Also, you should provide a link to the report in the test folder. This will be a requirement on test report series, and many editors will require that for owner reviews also. I gave you a break this time, since I guess you are just getting back into the swing of things from being a prior reviewer? A few things have changed, so you may want to read the Survival Guide and other tester documents so that you are familiar with the changes.

      Anyway, here are your edits, in the same format:
      EDIT: Required change
      Edit: Something needs changed, but you have discretion in how to do it
      Comment: Suggestion for improvement, or merely something that strikes me as I am reading.

      • 420D Nylon pack cloth, used in the vertical support areas of the main pack bag and in much off the top pocket

      ### EDIT: …much *of* the top pocket

      Hydration Pocket with left and right ports and elastic hose routers on the harness straps

      ### Comment: I'd suggest a colon after the Features title, or some way of making it stand out from the text – double space, italic, bold, etc.

      It is a high-pitched loud, but I own safety whistles which are louder.

      ### Edit: Something seems to be missing here, or needs re-worded.

      Even with the use of just one hand, the spindrift collar is easy to close using just one hand and my teeth.

      ### Comment: This sounds a little repetitive, using the words "one hand" twice in the same sentence. You might consider re-wording a bit.

      This strap runs from the behind the top loop of the stay to the center front of the pack.

      ### Edit: There appears to be an extra "the" in front of `behind'.

      It has taken some getting use to as I squeeze the last items in because I am used to circular, open mouth pack bags without stay interference.

      ### EDIT: …some getting *used* to…
      ### Edit: The sentence would break more naturally when read if you insert a comma after "last items in"

      There are dual water bottle pockets above the hipbelt on the main pack bag located on the left and right side of the pack.

      ### EDIT: You need a comma after "on the main pack bag"

      the pockets are a tight fit compared to the loose mesh pockets on other packs.

      ### EDIT: `The' needs capitalized at the beginning of the sentence.

      Perhaps a little more material could be used in the main body of this pocket or maybe it works just fine for the twohanded user.

      ### EDIT: *two handed* OR *two-handed*

      I have a sylnylon sleeping bag stuff sack which is slightly larger than the manufacturers stuff sack; the separate compartment can help me to manage the extra bulk of the loosely stuffed sleeping bag.

      ### EDIT: spelling *silnylon*
      ### Edit: It would sound better if you take the word "to" out before "manage" – can help me manage…

      Therefore the compartment might be to large for a tightly stuffed sleeping bag or one smaller then my sleeping bag

      ### EDIT: …might be *too* large…

      On a solo trip I didn't use it at all, however the seperator is not completely removable

      ### EDIT: spelling *separator*

      The separator might be useless extra weight to the ounce (gram) counter.

      ### Comment: This borders on projection – projecting what you think others might do/feel. We really prefer your viewpoint. Do you ever feel it is extra weight yourself? Would you like it to be removable? You might re-word to reflect how YOU feel. (A simple way would be – "I'm not a gram counter, so the extra weight doesn't bother me"). Also, in this case, it isn't really necessary to use a conversion type phrase, as `gram counter' (or `gram weenie') are well known phrases.

      Unlike other top pockets which have four clip points, this one has two clip points and two points which are anchored by a system of loops and buckles. This system is more complex than four clips, but it is easy to use. However, I do not grasp the reason for the increased complexity.

      ### Comment: You might want to reconsider this thought, as most packs I have used have similar systems – ladder locks on the rear (the side against the wearer), and quick releases on the front, likely since only the front is opened to get into the pack.

      The top pocket has a a clip to anchor keys, but it does not have a zippered coin pocket.

      ### EDIT: Remove redundant `a'

      The extra foam may also be useless weight to ounce counters who may end up cutting off the extra padding.

      ### EDIT: Definitely projection here. You need to re-word to tell how you feel about the padding. Does it seem excess to you? Is it uncomfortable, does it get in the way, etc. (P.S. Most of us gram counters will be looking for a lighter pack overall – not trying to eliminate an ounce of padding <grin> - and yes, that's projection, but I'm not publishing a report <grin> <grin>) Where is the extra padding located? That wasn't clear to me in reading the report.

      The material in the hipbelt is supposed to be customizable in an oven at the retailer. Osprey makes a selling point of the form fitting hipbelt. I assert that the website lists the Aether as a "custom fit" pack merely because of the presence of the "Iso Form" material. However, the salesperson (from a major retailer) did not use an oven to customize the belt to my hips, saying that it would customize over time.

      ### Edit: This needs re-wording a little. There is no doubt that the belt is customizable by heating – they have the ovens in the stores to do so. Whether this makes a difference might be debatable, but it is clear it can be done. You can state the salesman didn't do yours, citing that it would customize over time, but not that it is `supposed' to be customizable. Also, I believe if needed you can obtain a different size hipbelt and interchange them? That would also be considered customization, as many packs aren't built with removable hipbelts to allow a different size one to be installed.

      The final trip was a 3 day hike into the Blue Range Primitive Area with a pack weight of 50 lbs (22.7 kg) where I covered about 25 miles (40km) on trails in mostly good condition but with significant changes in elevation.

      ### Edit: Need a space in *(40 km)*

      I purchased this pack to carry more than my usual target weight of 30 lbs (14kg). According to the Osprey website, the maximum comfortable weight carrying ranges between 50 and 65 lb (22.7 and 29.5 kg).

      ### EDIT: I think you mean the maximum comfortable carrying weight (words are switched in order)

      This is a feature laden pack which might recieve a little customization from an ounce counter.

      ### EDIT: projection again – we don't want to know what someone might do, only what your experience is, or what you might consider doing yourself, or what you would like to see different. (Also, `receive' is spelled incorrectly).

      Once you've made the changes, please upload the new version to the test folder, and post here once more, using the word "Repost" in your title, so I can give it a final look before approval.

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