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77236EDIT: MSR Dragonfly Stove - Roger Ault

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  • Roger Caffin
    Mar 1, 2009
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      EDIT: MSR Dragonfly Stove - Roger Ault

      Hi Roger

      We have some progress, but it seems many of my edits are not being fully
      complied with. Because we have many ORs and Test Reports to handle, and we
      are all volunteers, it is important that you do your best to comply with all
      the edits, even if not all of them seem to be essential. Writers who are
      conscientious about this do much better in Test Selection.

      In this context I note that you have substituted 'fuel valve' for the
      requested 'control valve'. I will accept this as reasonable, while pointing
      out that the problems over getting this change have been noted.

      You have some tendency to leave out the word 'the' in places. This may be
      fine in spoken English, but for clarity the word should be used in written
      English. I have provided some edits for this.

      OK, if you wish to proceeed please do all the corrections and repost. There
      is not a lot left to do.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT Editor
      > Fuel valve protrudes out the side and
      EDIT: 'One fuel valve ...'

      > The pump screws into the fuel bottle and is pressurized by pumping.
      EDIT: As written it implies the pump is pressurised. Correct to:
      'The pump screws into the fuel bottle, which is pressurized by pumping.'

      > by leaving windscreen home.
      EDIT: 'by leaving the windscreen at home.'

      > The fuel tube inserts into the pump and clips with a wire retainer.
      EDIT: either 'and is clipped in place with ...' or 'and is held with a wire

      > The first time or two using it was a little tricky to get the correct
      > amount of fuel to operate the primer correctly
      EDIT: there is no such thing as a 'primer' on the stove, so you can't
      operate one. I suggest:
      'the correct amount of fuel to prime the stove successfully'.
      Using correct twice running is poor style, but I will let that pass.

      > After it is burned I can slowly open fuel valve to produce a usable
      EDIT: 'I can slowly open the fuel valve ...'

      > easily into the MSR blacklite pot that I generally use.
      EDIT: Blacklite

      > Fuel jet can be cleaned by shaking
      EDIT: The fuel jet
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