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  • Mark McLauchlin
    Feb 20, 2009
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      Hi Keith,

      Welcome aboard,

      If you email Jenn at BGTMentors@yahoogroups.com she will allocate someone to




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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Mentor Request- Keithmitch81

      I need help with my first owner review. If anyone would like to give me a
      helping hand, I
      would really appreciate it.
      thanks, Keith

      DAKINE PRO 2
      Date: 2-4-2009
      Name: Keith Mitchell
      Age: 27
      Gender: male
      Height: 6'0" (182.88 cm.)
      Weight: 175 lbs. (79.38 kg)
      Email address: Rkeith@pshift. <mailto:Rkeith%40pshift.com> com
      City, State, Country: Bend, Oregon U.S.A

      Backpacking Background:
      I grew up hiking and camping in the Green Mountains of
      northern Vermont, where every conceivable form of inclement weather is
      tolerated. Now I
      live in central Oregon and hike the Cascade mountains and high desert where
      the weather
      is pretty nice and the nights are cool and bug free! I'd like to consider
      myself a lightweight
      backpacker...but refuse to compromise My comfort for a few pounds...yet. I
      use a tarp/
      bivy sack when backpacking solo and a Jumbo dome tent when car camping with
      my wife
      and dog. I am prone to fits of wanderlust that have taken me across this
      country... and
      hopefully others.

      Manufacturer: Dakine
      Year of manufacture: 2008
      URL: http://dakine. <http://dakine.com> com
      Listed weight: 3 lbs (1.36kg)
      Shipped weight:3.5 lbs (1.59kg)
      MSRP: $100 US dollars

      Description: backcountry ski and snowboard pack
      Material: 630D Nylon
      Volume:1,600 cu. in. (26L)
      Comes in different colors every year(mine is black)

      Supplied as a loose bag with a tag from the manufacturer with all the straps
      drawn tight
      and all buckles buckled.


      PVC FREE
      Cross and vertical snowboard carry
      Retractable diagonal ski carry straps
      Fleece lined goggle pocket
      Insulated hydration tube sleeve
      Hydration bladder sleeve
      Two organizer pockets in main compartment
      "Quick draw" ice axe/shovel handle sleeve
      Back access entry
      External snow tool/ shovel pocket with H2O drain
      Waterproof fleece lined camera pocket on hip belt
      Easy access side pocket
      Nice wide hip belt and shoulder straps...sternum strap too
      There is a sheet of some kind of semi rigid plastic that serves as the packs
      One size fits all design

      Here are some pictures

      First and foremost this pack is for hiking peaks and skiing down them,
      however, I use this
      bag for day-hikes, biking and errand running too. What can I say? This pack
      has style.

      This is a bomber design which explains the weight at 3.5 pounds (1.59kg).
      experience with Dakine products led me to this purchase.

      Lets start with features:
      Both horizontal(cross) and vertical snowboard carry setups work flawlessly
      with a variety
      of snowboards and snowshoes fit well in the vertical carry. The diagonal ski
      carry works
      well for trekking poles(I've never used it for skis but the strap and cable
      open up quite
      large for giant powder skis)and both straps retract out of sight when not in
      use. The
      google pocket is large enough to accommodate large ski goggles and other
      things as well.
      The ingenious hydro sleeve is a hollow section in one of the shoulder straps
      the insulates
      your hydration tube and unzips to expose it for drinking. This hasn't frozen
      even when it
      was painfully cold out which is awesome because no other pack I've seen has
      this so you
      usually have to take off your pack to drink in freezing weather... which
      isn't so easy with a
      snowboard strapped to it. Which brings me to the zippered rear entry panel.
      The whole
      cavernous main compartment (touching your back)opens with a beefy U shaped
      (think athletic bag) allowing you to leave the snowboard strapped on while
      you find your
      hat. The ice axe/ shovel handle sleeve opens with a simple buckle to give
      access quickly
      should you need said ice axe. The front snow tool compartment (which is
      quite large) has
      some sewn in sleeves to keep avalanche probes and shovel handles in check as
      well as
      plenty of space for a shovel blade, and when you put that snowy wet shovel
      back into the
      bag, there's a little vent in the bottom of that compartment to help the
      wetness escape.
      There's also another side pocket (accessible without taking the pack off)
      that will hold a
      32 oz (1L). Nalgene bottle or your gloves when you are sweating your way up
      mountain. And possibly the coolest feature is the fleece lined waterproof
      camera pocket
      on the hip belt so you can snap a picture without breaking stride. The level
      of organization
      possible in this bag helps me to have a fun and safe time without too much
      time wasted
      looking for a granola bar or a bandanna.

      I've worn this pack probably more than 20 days hiking and snowboarding
      during this
      winter, which has exposed me to below zero (-17C) temperatures, snow, 70F
      (21C) degree
      days and everything in between. I've also worn it a dozen times to the
      library and around
      town (it's great full of heavy books). While it's not waterproof, it hasn't
      let the wet in yet (I
      haven't worn it in a downpour yet as it almost never rains in central
      Oregon). Also, this is
      a winter pack, so keeping snow out is it's main job. Everything seems to
      work fine in the
      cold and high elevation(9,000 ft./2,700+ meters) as well as warm days at
      3,500+ feet

      While a 26 liter pack isn't particularly large I find it strikes a nice
      balance between a
      mountaineers pack and a simple hydration pack. I have no trouble stuffing my
      (size XL as I have a substantial melon), goggles, extra layer, food, water,
      avalanche safety
      stuff, and camera into this thing. Strapping a board on and post-holeing my
      way up the
      snowy mountain, then taking out helmet etc, cinching the straps down and
      having a
      comfortable, stable backpack for the ride down.

      The durability of this thing is amazing too...no real wear to be seen on any
      of it! Just dirt.

      Summary: I was looking for a mixed-use winter recreation bag that I could
      could beat on
      and trust; I value organization and nice shoulder and waist straps over
      ounces of pack
      weight, this bag has lived up to expectations.

      Carry everything I need for a day on the snowy mountain and beyond.
      Lifetime warranty.
      Waterproof fleece lined camera pocket keeps small cameras snug and dry.
      Stable fit on my back (this thing hugs like a koala bear).

      I am normally very critical of my gear, but this was hard
      Main bag not waterproof
      Exterior ice axe/shovel handle sleeve a bit tight for my shovel handle
      $100 U.S.D. price tag
      I think I like this pack too much

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