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77163EDIT/Approval: Yukon Boots - Istvan Hernadi

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  • rcaffin
    Feb 13, 2009
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      EDIT/Approval: Yukon Boots - Istvan Hernadi

      Hi Istvan

      Been a couple of days - sorry.
      [I posted this on the 8th, but Yahoo is not showing it, so I have
      reposted it now.]

      Most impressive boots. As it is about +40 C here right now, i think
      they might be a bit too warm for me.

      A couple of small edits to do. Can I assume that you can fix these
      yourself without having to repost? But yell if you need help.
      Once all done, you are clear to upload to

      Roger Caffin
      BGT Editor
      > Yukon Boots
      EDIT: we need both the manufacturer and the model of the boots in the
      title. So the title should be
      'Van Gorkom Yukon Boots'

      > January 30, 2009
      EDIT: update the date to today please

      > Manufacturer's Website:
      This needs to be clickable (yell if you need help here)

      > Other details:
      Comment: you could add, if you wish, that they have a 'welt-sewn

      > Sole: insulating foam neoprene sole
      Edit: This sounds better in English as 'neoprene foam'
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