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77139EDIT: Lowepro D-Res 8S Camera Bag - Kathy Waters

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  • rcaffin
    Feb 8 2:53 AM
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      EDIT: Lowepro D-Res 8S Camera Bag - Kathy Waters

      Hi Kathy

      Not bad, and interesting. Some edits for you.
      I see that the case is actually no longer quoted on the Lowepro web
      site, but it is readily available on the market, so that's OK.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT Editor
      > Current pack averages 25 lb (11 kg) including food and water
      EDIT: full stop at end

      > Measurements: 2.6 in x 1.6 in x 3.9 in (6.6 cm x 4.1 cm x 9.9 cm)
      Comment (only) I prefer to condense it a bit:
      2.6 x 1.6 x 3.9 in (6.6 x 4.1 x 9.9 cm)

      > On the back of the bag is a 2 in x 5 in (5 cm x 13 cm)
      Comment: a photo taken by yourself of the back arrangement would be
      nice ...

      Edit: did Lowepro claim the zip is waterproof? I found myself wanting
      to know this right at the start. Very important info.

      >I currently have a Canon PowerShot A520 digital camera with a fabric
      wrist strap
      > attached. I previously had an earlier version of the same series.
      While Lowepro
      > states the bag will hold a camera, memory card and battery,
      EDIT: need to rethink this a bit. It is quoted as being sized for a
      point-and-shoot such as the Canon A20, but the Canon A520 is not
      normally seen as being quite in that category. The A520 has a bigger
      battery case and a bigger lens nose. So I would not really expect it
      to fit into a point-and-shoot camera case. That it does, is a bonus.
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