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76705EDIT: REPOST: Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

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  • JP
    Nov 3, 2008
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      Ok, before you even get to it, I realized I had way to much
      "projecting" in my personal review. Here is that section revised.

      I have tried many different lighting options in the back country, and
      this is my favorite so far! Other lanterns used years ago were bulky,
      extremely heavy due to battery requirements and either produced too
      much, or not enough light. The alternative to these clunky dinosaurs
      was a flashlight with a sock or bandanna over the end that would
      produce a diffused, non-glaring tent friendly light. Ultimately, the
      LED (Light Emitting Diode) made its way out of the NASA Control Panel
      industry into the arena of small, portable light sources. Early
      models were delicate, finicky and their manufacturers seemed to focus
      largely on the LED's unique ability to produce nuclear blast level,
      eye searing light from a very small power source. This, by the way,
      is wonderful if the owner is manually guiding in a small aircraft, or
      shipwrecked on an island and trying to attract the attention of a
      satellite passing overhead. Inside of a tent, comfortable and
      ADJUSTABLE light is just what the Apollo delivers. The lightweight,
      extremely portable unit comes with an easy to use, easy to locate (and
      operate) in the dark, on/off dimmer switch. Whether bright, clinical
      light is needed to search among sleeping bags for a lost contact lens,
      or something more delicate for that 2:00 AM "nature's wake-up call"
      without disturbing a companion, the Apollo is the way to go. The
      innovative folding legs (reminiscent of the Apollo lunar lander), and
      telescoping lens offer a variety of options for use and storage.
      There is a sturdy wire loop at the top for hanging, but this is my
      only complaint. It is a permanently closed loop that makes it great
      for hanging over a branch or nail or other protruding object -- but
      impossible to hang from, oh say, the inside of a tent crossbar. An
      extra carabiner (not included) solves this problem, but an open-able
      loop at the top would be a great addition to this otherwise superior
      product. There is an NRG Nickel Metal Hydride (rechargeable) battery
      kit available for $29.95 US. This may be a good solution if more than
      one Black Diamond lighting product is purchased, as the charger also
      works with other compatible items. Otherwise, the weight is the same
      as when used with standard alkaline batteries. The NRG pack is easily
      interchangeable, so if it's drained it in the back country (or as in
      my case, forgot to charge it before leaving) it can be swapped it out
      with the standard batteries from the portable espresso frother or
      other essential piece of electronic gear.