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76590Re: EDIT: OR MSR Simmerlite - Brad Banker

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  • pamwyant
    Oct 15, 2008
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      I am sorry I did not see your revised edition before I posted your
      edit. Let's handle it this way - I see you caught some of the things
      (including a product description). Go ahead and correct the items
      that are still pertinent from my edit of the original in your revised
      version, then go ahead and upload an HTML version to the test folder
      and repost here for another check.

      I do see one thing that will need to be changed in the revised
      version. Although you will see packaging details in some older
      reports, in general we now try to avoid describe packaging such as
      plain cardboard boxes in the report, as they just are not pertinent.
      The exceptions to describing packaging might be if there is a lot of
      information on the package such as sock hangtags with fabric content
      information, etc.

      Once you repost, I'll check for anything else that may need changed
      and we'll go from there.

      Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience,

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