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76200EDIT/APPROVAL: Owner Review - Diva Cup - Sophie Pearson

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  • André Corterier
    Jul 31 5:25 AM
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      > EDIT/APPROVAL: Owner Review - Diva Cup - Sophie Pearson

      Hello Sophie, an impressive first BP OR from someone so new to our
      ways. Doing more than minimally required in the OR department is
      definitely a smart move. Plus, this information needs to get out

      You've just been through it twice, so you know the drill. Without
      further ado:

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Sophie" <sophiep3@...>
      > The Diva Cup

      EDIT: Please add "Menstruation Help", "Menstruation Device" or some
      such nomicker to the title so that people will be able to identify
      what kind of product you are reviewing at the first glance (I, being
      male and from Germany, was unaware of the product and thought "my,
      what a funny title for a backpacking book" - what with all the book
      reviews we're getting due to the monthly call). Has me editing ORs
      rather than writing my own now that I finally have time for BGT
      things again. Okay, this is degenerating even beyond a Comment, so -

      > I have only used it twice without bathroom facilities and each time
      > was for less than 48 hours. I had hand sanitizer and used toilet
      > tissue to wipe it off, which worked fine but I would hesitate to use
      > it on a longer back-country trip as rinsing it out with drinking
      > would be a pain.

      ### Edit: Have you tried this? If not, I'd suggest phrasing it as "as
      I imagine rinsing it out ...". If you have, please state this


      All right, that's it!. Not much at all, which is why I dispensed with
      the ritual Repost - once you've taken care of the above, please
      upload to the folder here: http://tinyurl.com/66ljlh and please also
      delete the test folder item.

      Good report. I am impressed with the way you managed to be precise
      and detailed enough in your description that even someone unfamiliar
      with the device could get an understanding of it, without being so
      graphic in your language as to be likely to disturb those among us
      easily disturbed (can I put it any more diplomatic than that?).


      OR Editor
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