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75915Re: QUESTION: inclusion of comparison & cost info in test reports

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  • Roger Caffin
    Jun 7, 2008
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      >I find that the Travel Wipes are more costly than drugstore
      > varieties, and substantially more bulky, and its not clear to me that
      > the additional cleaning effectiveness warrants both the larger space
      > and weight in my pack and the additional cost."

      The first rule here is that we don't do Product A vs Product B shootouts. It
      gets the suppliers all snarky. That's a definite rule.

      However, if you think you have enough experience of the market that you can
      make a comparison of Product A against the field, that is usually fair game,
      as long as you give fair and honest reasons for your comments. We are not
      here just to sing unmitigated praise for every product tested.

      A good rule here is to ask yourself whether your comments would help a
      novice seeking honest information about Product A. The comparisons you have
      made are quite general but will assist the reader.

      I see no difference between price, weight and bulk in comparisons. All
      matter to the reader.

      My 2c.

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