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75481Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Tester Agreement?

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  • Andrew Priest
    Apr 7, 2008
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      Dear Richard is it?

      With respect to the second owner review. Can you please provide the message
      number. You can search for it via the archives at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/backpackgeartest/ . Have you also checked the
      OR queue which is posted here regularly by Jamie. You can see if your OR is
      listed and where it is in the queue.

      Also can you please sign your emails and in this case we also need your
      family name. Hard to follow this up when you don't provide your details :(

      As to more information. Your first starting point should be the
      documentation at BackpackGearTest.org. I suggest you check out the the link
      which is called "How to Become a Tester."

      It also appears that you need the help of a mentor. I would be very
      surprised if this was not suggested to you early on when your first OR was
      rejected. I suggest you send an email to
      mentor@... a mentor be assigned to you.

      If you goto http://groups.yahoo.com/group/backpackgeartest/ you can also
      read further details on both these suggestions on the front page.

      Andrew Priest

      On 08/04/2008, baileyrichard12 <baileyrichard12@...> wrote:
      > Leesa
      > I have submitted 2 entries for review the one was declined and I have
      > not seen the second one or been told where it stands? I replied to
      > the one that said that it was not good enough when I replied I
      > requested what more information I can provide I have yet to hear back
      > on that subject as of yet so I do not currently know where I am at in
      > the process

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