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75419Re: [BackpackGearTest] ATTN editors - OR question

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  • Andrew Priest
    Mar 31, 2008
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      Hi Sheila

      It is okay. It should be clear about the changes and modifications made by
      the writer.


      On 01/04/2008, S <geosheila@...> wrote:
      > Hello there,
      > I have a mentee working on a review of a Katadyn Hiker Filter. His is
      > actually by PUR, but it's
      > the same product, taken over by Katadyn since he got his filter. There are
      > some slight
      > differences with this older product (his doesn't have the carbon center),
      > but the parts are
      > interchangeable and he uses Katadyn replacement pieces. I'm thinking this
      > review will be a
      > go since the product wasn't discontinued, just changed a bit, but wanted
      > to check with you
      > before too much work goes into it. Will it be okay to submit?
      > Thanks,
      > Sheila
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