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  • mikejr232323
    Oct 4 9:07 AM
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      It seems my postings never happened a couple of weeks ago. please
      accept this OR as new as I couldn't find the edits I needed to do.

      July 15, 2007


      NAME: Mike Daurio Jr.
      EMAIL: mikejr232323@...
      AGE: 30
      LOCATION: Wonder Lake, Illinois USA
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 6' 0" (1.83 m)
      WEIGHT: 183 lb (83.00 kg)

      I am quite new to backpacking. My experience lies mostly as a canoe
      guide. My inspiration to get more into this sport/hobby was a
      backpack trip to Thailand in 2005. Due to my experience I am fond of
      lightweight, waterproof quality gear. I backpack in mainly hilly
      forested areas and of course near rivers and streams. I also do a
      lot of backpack traveling to other countries. I am a 3-season
      backpacker. Every year I spend time in the Ozarks in Missouri and in
      Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. I'd love to explore
      Canyonlands National Park in Utah.


      Manufacturer: Mountain Safety Research
      Year of Manufacture: 2005
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.msrgear.com" LINK TEXT = "www.msrgear.com">>
      MSRP: US $ 34.95
      Listed Weight: 8.5 oz (240 g)
      Measured Weight: 7.1 oz (201 g)
      Other details: Reviewed is the Bath version. This is the largest
      model available
      Size: 25 x 54 in. (64 x 137 cm)

      Also available in Body: [Weight: 4 oz*. (115 g) Size: 17 x 36 in.
      (42 x 92 cm)]
      Hand: [Weight: 2 oz*. (50 g) Size: 12
      x 22 in.(31 x 57 cm)]
      Face: [Weight: 1 oz*. (25 g) Size: 10
      x 14 in. (25 x 35 cm)]
      (*as stated on the manufacturer's

      All towels are primarily the same item, just cut to different sizes.
      They each include a vented carry bag specific to size. Each towel
      has a woven tag fastened to it that loops around and snaps to create
      an easy hanging loop.

      The Towel when in its bag has approximate dimensions of 1.25 in (4
      cm) thick by 10 in (25 cm) by 5 in (13 cm). The included bag has one
      mesh side and another consisting of two pieces of strategically cut
      and sewn nylon to form an opening to stuff the towel into . The two
      pieces are fastened to each other with a hook and loop type lock
      securing the towel in its case.
      Materials used to make the towel are 85% polyester 15% nylon
      microfiber blend as listed on MSR's website. It is available in two
      colors, Dusty Blue and Curry.
      THE CARRY BAG">>


      I had purchased this towel before a ten day trip to Thailand. We
      flew in to Bangkok in 2005. After arriving and clearing customs we
      spent the night on the hard concrete floor in the airport. It was
      then and there that the towel made its first appearance on the trip.
      I took it out to use behind my head as a pillow and it did the
      trick. When I woke the towel was returned to the front pocket of my
      pack for quick access.
      After boarding a plane to the Phuket province and being met by our
      jungle guide Lek at the airport we made our way to the Khao Lak
      natural area. After arriving we packed a day pack and hiked up to a
      roaring water fall. We walked up and were drenched from the water
      falling from above. It was just what we needed after hiking about
      two miles (3.22 km) in temperatures around 95 F ( 35 C). When
      finished with our shower we dried off and relaxed in the sun. The
      towel was impressive with its absorbency. When done I shook the
      towel out and laid on it for about an hour on a large boulder. In
      the hot sun, the moisture evaporated from the towel except in the
      places resided upon by my body. They were still visibly wet. I
      packed it in the carry bag and back in the front pocket it went when
      we got back to the SUV. We proceeded another hour before stopping
      for lunch and a stop at one of the many Thai beaches on the Andaman
      Sea. When I unpacked the towel It was still cool, hinting a presence
      of moisture, but not visibly or physically wet. I spread it out on
      the beach and went for a snorkel. After the dip in the ocean I
      toweled off and laid out under the hot sun again. The towels
      dimensions are a little small for my stature, but fit my body well.
      My extremities did hang over the edges of the towel. The towels
      drying with the exception of where my body was, was again the case.
      I repeated my packing method and we headed to the jungle.
      We arrived at our residence for the next three days. It was a
      crude jungle hut. I hooked the towel through the provided hoop and
      went to sleep. The towel was dry in the morning and after passing
      the nose test it was packed in my daypack. I used it once as a
      small blanket to each lunch on. The towel saw tons of use over the
      next 8 days as a towel, blanket, and pillow as we traveled
      throughout southern Thailand and back north to Bangkok. My
      girlfriend even borrowed it to use as a head wrap.
      The fast evaporation of water from the towel seemed to limit the
      build up of any mildew or musty smell, which is important in the
      backpack traveling we were doing. I only had to launder the towel
      once on day seven. This was after we stopped off to ride elephants
      into the jungle. We allowed the elephants to bathe halfway through
      the trek and they enjoyed spraying us with the cool river water.
      After the shower provided by the elephants trunk the towel couldn't
      hold off the funk any longer. It was rotten. The towel didn't come
      with any instructions on care. It has been laundered in hot, cold,
      and warm water in separate washings. I have only used laundry
      detergent and have never used bleach. It has been air dried and also
      dried using a tumble dryer. The towel hasn't shrunk at all in the
      two years I've used it.
      The Packtowl Personal has been included in my pack on all of my
      trips since. I even bring it with on day hikes, mountain biking
      trips, and on my canoe trips, in case I experience rain, or it's
      great as a drop cloth when taking a break for lunch. It is very
      versatile in my everyday use also. It is brought with when going
      over to my friends house to swim. I have also brought it to some
      outdoor festivals to use as a blanket to sit on. I take it to the
      gym as a great space saving towel when I have to shower there. It is
      a perfect fit for my backpacking needs but it is always a bonus when
      a piece of gear is versatile enough to get use out of the field such
      as this.


      The Packtowl Personal is an versatile, lightweight, super absorbing,
      quick drying towel that is included in any packing that I do.


      1. The main thing I like is how versatile this towel is. What makes
      it so versatile is the lightweight , compact design of the towel
      while in its storage bag.
      2. The super absorbency and quick drying of the towel is great while
      on the move in multiple day trips.


      I wish the towel had a bigger footprint when spread on the ground.
      I believe the portability would be compromised if it did however. It
      would add weight and size to the packed towel.


      Mike J Daurio Jr.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
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