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74289Edit/Approval: OR - Princeton Tec Attitude Flashlight - Sheila

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  • rayestrella1
    Sep 10, 2007
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      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for the review, your edits will follow. You can put the
      corrected version here:


      I have to ask a weird question. Why does the name on the case
      say "Altitude"? I know that they make an "Attitude" and I can find no
      reference to a model named Altitude. Did you notice that?


      ***Listed Power: 12 lm

      Comment: it may be more informative to spell out lumens as it is not
      a common abbreviation

      ***The five-inch-long Attitude flashlight

      EDIT: "five-inch long" and metric conversion please. I know it was in
      the specs already but the rules say,
      Rules for Measurements. (From the Survival Guide)
      1. Including information in both Imperial and Metric units is

      ***The head of the flashlight twists clockwise to turn it on and
      counter-clockwise to change the batteries.

      Edit: does not turning it counter-clockwise turn it off, and when
      taken further unscrew the head to allow access to the batteries?

      ***sometimes accidently tossing it onto rocks or into snow,

      EDIT: accidentally

      ***A narrowly-focused light that would better illuminate a faraway
      sign, but that would offer less peripheral vision.

      Edit: this sentence does not make sense to me. It needs to be either
      started or ended differently. Are you saying that "it also has a
      narrowly focused light"?
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