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74120Re: OR - Nalgene 32 oz Loop-Top water bottle

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  • rayestrella1
    Aug 10, 2007
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      Hi Anson,

      Thanks for answering the call this month, and for putting the HTML
      version up right away. That shows confidence that I like to see, and
      make the process go sooo much quicker. Your initial edits will
      follow, including a couple that I should have noticed last month.
      (Sorry, and no you do not have to change the oven OR.) They will take
      the following format;

      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      When you have made the changes please repost here with REPOST added
      to the subject line. Please include another HTML too.


      ***Manufacturer: Nalgene Outdoor Inc.

      EDIT: actually it is Thermo Fisher Scientific

      ***Height: 5'9" (1.75 m)

      EDIT: need a space at 5' 9"

      ***I have been a backpacker for my entire life.

      Edit: do you mean your entire adult life? (Hmm, you are 18…) Or your
      entire post grade-school life? I doubt mom had you in a backpack at
      two, you know?

      ***Model: 32 oz PC Loop-Top Wide-Mouth Bottle

      EDIT: you need to say what the PC stands for at least the first time
      you use it (outside of the title).

      ***Listed Volume: 32 fl. oz (1 L)
      ***Measured Volume: 36 fl. oz (1.06 L)

      EDIT: no periods after the fl

      ***such as my red bottle from the Anchorage REI (Recreational
      Equipment, Inc).

      EDIT: from the REI…store?

      ***altitudes of sea level to 15,000 feet (4500 meters).

      EDIT: rounded off this would be closer to 4600

      ***and I've taken it on airplanes (after chugging all the water at
      the security station).

      Comment: I am editing this at LAX. Gotta love post 9/11 air travel…

      ***Count less hikers will have a Nalgene clipped to their backpacks

      EDIT: countless

      ***or stuffed in an easily accessible pocket, and there is a reason
      for it.

      EDIT: sorry but when you start telling why other people do something
      you are projecting and/or speculating. Reword this to say why you use
      it. (By the way I agree with you. I have about a dozen of the darn
      things, even though I do not use them much anymore.)

      ***The first is that Lexan Nalgene Bottle are tough as nails.

      EDIT: "the Lexan Nalgene bottle is" or "bottles are"

      I personally have been part of an experiment [Note: don't try this at
      home] where I held a Nalgene under a small SUV's tire then a friend
      backed up over the bottle. We put a small dent in the bottom of the
      bottle, but it still held water just like it was new.

      Comment: was the bottle filled? It would make a difference as water
      is much less compressible than air.

      ***I have poured in boiling water and the plastic has never melted.

      EDIT: and the Lexan (or bottle) has never melted

      ***So, for example, it is easier to add energy drink mixes without
      spilling or ice cubes over a narrower mouthed water bottle.

      Edit: I do not usually edit for commas, but you need one
      after "spilling".

      ***The wide mouth, and wide body, of the bottle make it easier to use
      while wearing bulky winter gloves.

      Comment: the thicker the gloves, the narrower a body would be easier
      for me.

      ***to clean out any lingering scents that sometimes accumulate after
      a month or two of sitting in a car with half a cup of sports drink in

      Comment: as Bill the Cat used to say, "ack!"

      ***the amount of these chemicals that maybe leech into the contents
      of the bottle

      EDIT: "may" "leach" into the …
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