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  • jake lunniss
    Mar 31, 2007
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      Name: Jake Lunniss
      Age: 20
      Location: Swansea, Wales, UK.
      Height: 6�1� (184cm)
      Weight: 200 lbs (90.7kgs)
      Email: lunniss99(AT)yahoo.com


      I first started day hiking with my dad when I was 7 years old - Kinder Scout was the first peak I bagged. There hasn't been a period in my life since then when I haven't regularly gotten out in to the hills. I became very absorbed in to the 'bushcraft' scene until the age of about 16 when I started thinking about long distance hiking. I regularly go on 2 and 3 night hikes, and have completed the Southern Upland Way (212 miles, 5 days), the Brecon Beacons Way (101 miles, 3 days) and the Pennine Way (290 miles, 9 days). I am planning a long distance walk that connects four of the designated long distance footpaths each in England, Wales and Scotland. After that I am going to attempt a calendar Triple Crown.

      My style of hiking is now ultralight, and I tend to move quickly. I could fairly be described as a 'gram weenie'. My typical pack base weight is 4.5lbs (2.04kg). Most of my hiking has been in the wild, wet and windy Scottish Highlands and the less unpredicatable yet equally beautiful Peak District. This summer I will be doing some hiking in Eastern Europe (Romania and the Ukraine).


      Manufacturer: Ursa Designs
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      Manufacturer's Website: www.clikstand.com
      MSRP: US$29.95
      Listed Weight: 3.2 oz (91 g)
      Measured Weight: 3.3 oz (94 g)
      Other details: I ordered just the Clikstand, as I already had a burner and windshield.

      *This is a review of the old version of the clikstand. The new version can accommodate a wider based pot.


      The clikstand arrived in a small USPS cardboard envelope rammed with polystyrene packing peanuts. The clikstand itself and the instructions were inside a small, very thick ziplock bag. Out of the box it felt very light - almost absurdly light, considering I was going from a Swedish Army Trangia to this.

      It was very easy to set up - in true man style I didn't bother to read the instructions until afterward. Once set up the seemingly flimsy steel becomes extremely strong and it is a remarkably stable structure. To test its strength I got my (very small) niece to stand on it with one foot - and it did not bend or collapse. After that I was fairly certain the weight of a large pot of water would not cause any damage!

      I did not order the pot or burner or windshield with this, as I already had them all. I intended to use it with an MSR Titan Kettle, a trangia burner and a homemade windshield. The clikstand does not fit inside the Titan kettle, but I didn't expect it to, so there is no problem there.


      The clikstand is made up of three identical side pieces, each about 5x3in (13x8cm), and a triangular centre piece (about 4.5in (12cm) along each side) that clicks (hence the name) into slots that are cut out of the side pieces. The side pieces have ventilation holes along the bottom to enable sufficient oxygen to reach the burner, while the centre piece has one large hole in the centre for the trangia burner (or any burner, come to that). My homemade drinks can stove and my AGG Pepsi Stove fits in the hole, although they do not sit on the rim as is intended. The centre piece also has smaller holes surrounding the burner hole to maximise air flow. According to the manufacturer it is made out of tempered steel - this was confirmed with a magnet test.

      IN USE

      The initial kitchen test went well: it boiled enough water for two cups of coffee in no time (I didn't bother to measure it accurately, but it was around 5 minutes).

      In the field the clikstand is a blessing. Because of its stability, and the fact that the burner does not come into contact with the ground, you can use it literally on any surface. Unlike, for example, the Anti Gravity Gear pepsi stove, you are not restricted to a perfectly flat surface due to its triangular design. I won't comment on the exact burn times because that is more to do with the burner of choice than the clikstand itself. I will say, however, that as a complete unit the clikstand is very fuel efficient as it retains as much heat as is possible. Coupled with a pot cozy (similar to the AGG one, but homemade) it is my stove set-up of choice for short trips.


      The ease of use,
      It is extremely stable,
      It packs Small,
      And as it is very uncommon over here, it is a good conversation starter with fellow hikers!


      In very cold weather it is extremely cold to touch - once my fingers stuck to it.
      It requires careful packing, as it can easily be bent in your rucksack.
      It is relatively heavy.


      Despite the massive weight saving over a traditional trangia set, it is still not something I would describe as 'ultralight'. When compared to the AGG stove set there is quite a weight penalty. The set-up I use with the clikstand is compared to my anti gravity gear set-up below:

      MSR Titan Kettle 4.48oz (127g) MSR Titan Kettle 4.48oz (127g)
      Trangia Burner 3.92oz (111g) AGG Pepsi Stove 0.35oz (10g)
      Pot Cozy 1.06oz (30g) Pot Cozy 1.06oz (30g)
      Clikstand 3.3oz (94g) Accessory kit 2.47oz (70g)
      Windshield 1.09oz (31g) (windshield, primer pan, fuel bottle, measuring cup)
      8floz Fuel Bottle (empty) 1.09oz (31g)

      TOTAL WEIGHT 14.96oz (424g) TOTAL WEIGHT 8.36oz (237g)

      The difference between the two set-ups is 6.6oz (187g) - a significant weight saving, especially for thru-hikers. The clikstand has the edge on the AGG stove in terms of ease of use and stability - you have to be much more discerning as to where you choose to use the AGG stove - but when I do hikes of more than 3 nights I choose the lightest possible, if I take a stove at all. However, not every hiker is concerned with shaving every last possible ounce from their rucksack. In that case I would whole heartedly recommend the clikstand - it is lighter, more stable, more fuel efficient and CHEAPER than any mainstream stove system currently available, whilst not sacrificing durability or stability.

      Jake Lunniss.

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