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73040EDIT: owner review David Bradish Osprey Aether 45 pack

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  • André Corterier
    Mar 3, 2007
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      > EDIT: owner review David Bradish Osprey Aether 45 pack

      Hello David,
      this is the official edit for your second Owner Review. You've gone
      through this once before, so it should be easier this time around.
      I've marked as "EDIT" things that you need to change, as "Edit"
      things that you should think about changing and as "Comment" things
      that I couldn't keep my mouth shut about (which failure does not
      require an action on your behalf).

      First off: When you Repost your report after the edits, please also
      upload your report's HTML version to the test folder at:
      and provide a link to it with your web post (snipurl or tinyurl are
      preferred). Such links do much to reduce the burden on people tasked
      with admininstrative duties - and on the "backpackgeartesters" list
      a report won't be considered to have been posted until a link to the
      appropriate test folder has been provided. No skin off your nose
      now, just a heads-up.

      Here goes:

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "d_bradish"
      <davebradish@...> wrote:
      > OR
      > February 28, 2007
      > NAME: David Bradish
      > EMAIL: davebradish@...
      > AGE: 44
      > LOCATION: Huntington Beach California USA
      > GENDER: M
      > HEIGHT: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
      > WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      Edit: The metric conversion suggests spurious accuracy - we
      generally round to only one decimal figure. In the case at hand,
      where I assume the "170" is a ballpark figure more than something
      you check every morning, I personally would just call it "77 kg".

      > I started hiking in my teens in Arizona and New Mexico, primarily
      > focusing on winter hiking

      EDIT: There's a period (".") lacking at the end of the sentence.

      > Since 1991 I have hiked a lot with my
      > brother-in-law Ray mostly in California's Sierra Nevada range, and
      > the southern mountains. In winter I bring as much gear as
      > to be safe and comfortable. For 3 season

      Edit: Is there a word or an "s" missing there? I expected it to read
      either "for three seasons" or "for three season hiking" or some such.

      > I try to follow the
      > principles of ultra light.

      Comment: And I hear you do a pretty good job at it...

      > Manufacturer: Osprey
      > Web site: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.ospreypacks.com"
      > TEXT = "www.ospreypacks.com">>

      Comment: The above is likely an artifact from the report writer and
      will look O.K. in HTML. Of course, if there was a test folder
      version, I could check that...

      > Product: Aether 45
      > Size: Regular
      > Year manufactured: 2005
      > MSRP: N/A
      > Weight listed: 2 lb/0.91 kg
      > Actual weight 2 lb 7 oz/1.11 kg
      > Volume: 2740 cu in/45 L
      > Color: Blue
      > Warranty: from company web site "Our lifetime warranty covers
      > in materials and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the backpack."
      > The Osprey Aether 45 is a very simple pack. It consists of a
      > great sack that loads from the top. It closes just like a dry sack
      > does by rolling the edge down, then attaching the ends together
      > a Duraflex Rock Lockster buckle. A white nylon strap also connects
      > a Rock Lockster and goes over the top of the bag the opposite
      > direction

      EDIT: "goes over the top of the bag *in* the opposite direction

      > of the roll-top closure. Right by this is a matching white
      > nylon grab loop.
      > The pack body is made from 210 denier double ripstop nylon.
      > On the back of the pack a white cord zig zags between the pack and
      > piece of doubled nylon with the Osprey name and bird logo. The
      > goes through a metal grommet and a finger pull lock

      EDIT: period at the end of the sentence.

      > At the bottom in the middle of the pack is a white nylon tool
      > On each side of the pack is a slanted pocket made of netting
      > material. They have elastic at the top. Just above the pockets is
      > compression strap that has another Rock Lockster fastener on it.
      > bottom of the pack is made of heavy duty 420 denier "chainlink"
      > fabric.

      > I have used the Aether on many hikes in California. I have had it
      > the Sierra Nevada about five times and more than I know in the San
      > Bernardino Mountains and the San Jacinto Mountains along with the
      > desert sections of the Pacific Crest Trail. I had it for a climb
      > 14000' White Mountain,

      EDIT: Metric conversion, please.

      > and many lower peaks. The hottest that I
      > remember was near 100 F/38 C by Palm Springs and the coldest about
      > F/-4 C on a climb of San Gorgonio.

      > I think the most I have carried in it was about 26 lb/11.8 kg for
      > 60 mile/ km hike in the Sierra Nevada. Usually I am more in the
      12 -
      > 17 lb/5-8 kg range. I use it as a day pack on long day hikes that
      > need to carry a lot of water because the hip belt is better than
      > my Camelback day pack.

      EDIT: We don't do direct comparisons. Calling it your "other,
      smaller pack" or something will work.


      Wow - those were darn few Edits for the second OR. I know my second
      OR had a lot more. Congratulations!

      When you've taken care of the edits, please repost it here
      with "REPOST:" substituted for the "EDIT:" above, put the html
      version in the test folder and provide a link with your text posting
      in this list.

      I'll then go over it and the html version once more and will likely
      clear you for upload. Once there, provided we have a written tester
      agreement from you on file, you'll be able to apply for some gear to

      I'll only have intermittent E-Mail access in the next week, but I'll
      try to check in so you don't have to wait for my go-ahead longer
      than necessary.

      Again, congratulations. I'd like to see the picture that go with
      your report.

      Owner Review Editor
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