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73000EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Light My Fire Spork - Rae Goodman

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  • rayestrella1
    Feb 23, 2007
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      Hi Rae,

      This is looking better. Still a few edits but once they are made
      repost here. You can also put a HTML copy in the Owner Review test
      folder. It is found at the end of the list of reviews on the main
      page or here;


      The free BGT Report Writer for HTML creation may be found here;


      Although by the messed up punctuation in your repost it looks like
      you have the HTML already. Let me know when it is in the Test folder.


      ***Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

      EDIT: please spell out the state for the benefit of our international

      ***Price: US $3 (at REI, Backpackinglight.com)

      EDIT: we do not list retail prices, please delete this line

      ***Field Information
      Testing locations: Various, in southern California, northern
      California, and Colorado. Trips ranged from day-hikes to multi-day
      camping and backpacking trips. I also use this utensil extensively at
      home, as one of my regular utensils on a daily basis.
      Trips conditions â€" Northern CA â€" Rainy, 0-

      EDIT: did you start writing this section and stop, forgetting to come
      back to it?

      *** I eat out of a ¾ L GladWare plastic screw-top container

      EDIT: I eat out of a ¾ L "(¾ qt)" GladWare plastic screw-top
      container… needs conversion as shown
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