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72845RE: [BackpackGearTest] Attn Ray - Re: EDIT: Owner Review MSR Sweetwater Water Filter - Josh Moffi

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  • Jerry Goller
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Uh, not exactly. Cascade Designs is an umbrella company. They bought MSR a
      few years ago. When Cascade Designs buys a company they keep the company's
      original name.

      Cascade Designs first company was Therm-a-Rest.


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      Hi Ray

      Do I get all the 'intresting' problems? To complicate matters the filter is
      procuded under TWO makes and models, the MSR version and the original
      Cascade Designs version. I have seen the original packaging coming up more
      and more. The Cascade Designs label is back on the original style of
      packaging. I have searched and searched, I can not find any website which
      has information on the Cascade Designs version, not even the Cascade Designs
      homepage, it just gives a link to MSR. I was under the understanding that
      Cascade Designs had gone bankrupt and been taken over by MSR. Yet from the
      look of the webpages they may have rearranged the company structure so that
      MSR is a sub-sompany of Cascade Designs.

      The URL for Cascade Designs is: http://www.cascadedesigns.com/ Incase you
      want to have a look.
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